20 Apr 2020

Send healing to the world every Sunday evening

by editor-admin

by Janet Howard, Chair of UK Healers



Join us to send absent healing from home, every Sunday at 7 pm local time

UKH healers will be joining together every Sunday at 7pm to send healing to loved ones, our community, the world, mother earth and those working on the front line during this pandemic.

Absent/Distant Healing works, as does prayer on the principle that energy follows thought.

You may have your own method of absent healing or you may wish to follow the guidelines below.

• Ensure that you are unlikely to be disturbed by family and unplug the telephone or turn on the answer phone.

• Go to your allotted place for healing activities. (This may simply be a space in your home or garden where you have placed flowers or crystals and where discordant activities do not happen). The room should be quiet and as far as possible free from disturbances.

• The list of names should be available. A short period of silence should be observed, creating a sense of stillness. Following this a short prayer or affirmation should be said, asking that you may become a channel for true healing rays in order that healing may be directed to those in need.

• Sit quietly and become calm so that you can begin to attune to the Source of Healing. Tune in to your breath and use a cleansing breath technique to clear your auric space.

• Breathe in and release all negativity on the out breath until you feel clear and positive. Breathe in LOVE. Breathe out PEACE.

• Think of the body well grounded, peaceful and still. See light streaming to you from the Source of Healing, connecting you to it. Feel this light entering into the body joining with your own inner light and radiating from you. Focus on the heart centre and radiate light from it and feel the love grow. Know that as you draw from the source, your own light is growing into a much brighter light, maybe in the form of a fountain or bright candle.

• The name of each person on your list, if known, should be read out in turn, this should not be rushed. You will need to be concentrating the healing rays upon each patient for a few seconds.

• No specific outcome should be requested, but that the healing light should be sent which is right for the person in question at this time.

• We will then sit in stillness, love and healing for the remainder of the session.

• Towards the end of the session, see people returning to work well and happy send healing love and light to all including the animals and the planet.

• Spend a few minutes asking for healing for yourself

• Pay gratitude to the universe and mother earth for the loving energy.

• When you are finished, draw the healing light into yourself so that you may be in the best possible state in order to be able to help others. You will achieve this by centring back on the heart area. Take the consciousness to the feet and connect with the earth.

• Breathe deeply and bring the session to an end, ensure you’re grounding by rubbing the hands and knees and stretching.

• Have a drink of water, smile.

Thank you for joining us.


UK Healers is the largest voluntary self-regulating body for energy healers, spiritual healers and energy therapists in the UK. The Healing Trust is a committed member and supporter of all its work.

Photo by 李磊瑜伽 from Pixabay.

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  1. I am a Fellow of the Healing Trust and employed for 30 years as Healer and teacher of Meditation in the NHS
    …I gave a talk to UK Healers many years ago and wish to say I also have an absent healing group from
    my home at 11.00 am on Thursday mornings ….could we combine ? http://www.ruthkaye.net

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