What is Healing?

Healing is a process whereby a Healer, who is trained to attune to the Source of Healing energy, which is spiritual in essence, enables another living being's energy field, to be aligned with a state of health.

Everyone’s experience of Healing is unique. Most report feeling relaxed, some might actually nod off, some experience warmth, some see colours, some sense the energy in their body, sometimes tummies gurgle, and some feel nothing in particular. Whatever the experience, you can trust that the Healing energies will always be working for your highest good.

Healers will never diagnose, promise a cure or predict outcomes.

A Healer’s is trained to be as pure a channel as possible for the Healing energy, making healing energy accessible for the client’s mind, body & spirit to restore and rebalance itself.

Healing is always given with the intention to be for the highest good of the recipient, who will therefore experience the benefits in ways unique to them.

Thinking about becoming a healer?
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Healing is an innate gift, possessed by everyone. It can be consciously activated and developed with the help of an in-depth training programme.

If you feel drawn to Healing, you can see it as a sure fire sign to explore this pathway further. Our training team warmly invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a professional Healer with us.

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Typical Questions about Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?
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Healing is the process of restoring Health. All ailments are seen as the result of a gravitation away from a state of Health. Healing is a gravitation towards a state of health. The word Heal, originating from Old German, means to ‘restore to sound health’, or ‘to make whole’. The reason Healing is called Spiritual is because the energy channelled does not come from the healer but rather through the healer. The healing energy is neither physical, emotional or mental, it emanates from a Higher Source than any of those, which can only be called Spiritual.

How does it work?
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During a Healing treatment a Healer attunes to the Source of Healing, the very Source of Life itself, acting as a transmitter of that energy to you. Your body’s innate intelligence will utilise this energy in the perfect way, just as it utilises food to send the exact nutrients to where they’re needed. In this way, gently, and in your body’s own time, your whole system is rebalanced and restored to health.

How can Distant Healing work via a List?
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How can distant healing possibly work when we need only first names and don’t even need to know the problem?

We don’t need to know the problem because Healing focusses solely on the optimum wellbeing of someone rather than on any ailment. One simple way to think of it is as two ends of a balance stick, at one end is the ailment and at the other is Health. When someone is sick the ailment end has all the energy. Healers focus their attention upon the Health end of the balance stick and so gently tip the scales towards health (at all levels) in a person or animal.

Why do we only request a first name?

Partly the reason is practical. If we ask for more than one item of information e.g. a first name plus a surname, (which would be two items), we're obliged to retain that data for at least 7 years, due to GDPR regulations.

The other part of the answer is that healing energy follows the path of the initial request. The requestor launches the intention for healing for someone which is received by Source energy (that which is omnipresent). When our Distant Healing team respond it is via Source energy, which directs healing via the request to the intended recipient.

Can Healing help with Mental Health and Emotional issues?
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Yes. It’s now understood that more than 80% of all illnesses are either the result of, or exacerbated by, emotional problems and stress. Healing works on all levels of being – Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. An issue or imbalance on any level, will impact the other levels, because all the levels are interconnected. Healing works to rebalance the Whole person. No matter at what level an imbalance originates, Healing enables the whole living system to recalibrate itself, so it can return to a healthy state.

Where’s the evidence?
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You may be surprised at how many studies have been done on Healing – literally hundreds. Please see our  Research page for a more detailed rundown of the most significant ones. The evidence is overwhelming in its scope and shows time after time that Healing has a universally positive effect on all living systems.

Can a Healer tell me what’s wrong with me?
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No. Healer training does not include any medical training. Moreover, a Healer will never diagnose, as this is prohibited by our strict Code of Conduct.

Will a Healer cure me?
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Healers can never promise a cure. The process of Healing is unique to every being. What we do know is that Healing, like water, follows the path of least resistance. Consequently, everyone’s Healing journey is individual.

Do I need to see a Healer in person to have Healing?
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No. Healing can be very successfully delivered via video link, telephone, or distantly by arrangement at a given time. Many Healers now work online, as well as in-person, making it very easy to access a Healer to work with.

Will the Healer put their hands on me?
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In order to receive Spiritual Healing touch is not required, indeed many treatments are delivered remotely. When working in person, Healers must always ask permission to touch a client – it’s entirely your choice and preference whether or not to have your Healer physically touch you. Healers are trained to be very sensitive to energy and to take the utmost care of their clients.

Can Healing help my pet?
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Absolutely.  In fact, animals tend to really enjoy having Healing and respond well.

Do I need to be sick to have Healing?
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No, not at all! Healing works beautifully as a preventative measure to help keep your system in tune, as part of your regular health regime. As we now know, chronic stress is a sure-fire way to get sick, and Healing is one of the best stress-busters available. It engages your parasympathetic nervous system which is what’s needed to de-stress and to allow your body to do its housekeeping and general repair work.

What’s the difference between Healing and Reiki?
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From a casual onlooker’s point of view, there won’t appear to be much difference at all. The main differences are in the training, and the approach. Healers are taught how to attune directly with the Source of Healing and to allow that energy to flow directly from that Source. Reiki Healers on the other hand are attuned or ‘initiated’ via their teacher, known as a ‘Reiki Master’, who installs various etheric symbols into their energy field through which the healing energy flows to the recipient. Healers must have been through a two-year training, and spiritual development programme in order to be registered.

How do I know if my Healer is a professional?
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The Healing Trust runs a two-year training programme, and all our Healers abide by a strict Code of Conduct. UK Healers, our regulators, have established standards of best practice in Healing. They hold an independent register of all our UK based members. You can check that any individual Healer is registered with them.