Distant Healing Request

Please complete this simple Request Form to have Healing sent to yourself, a loved one, or a beloved pet. After receiving your request, our team of dedicated volunteer Healers will work diligently on a daily basis to send Healing with Love to those requested for the period of four weeks.

After four weeks have elapsed, you're most welcome to make a repeat request if needed.

You may be wondering how distant healing can possibly work when we need only first names and no other information?
More information is provided in our Healing FAQ section.

Please note this service is for individuals/animals only. We continually send Healing to all disaster areas and war zones, and to support the welfare and ecology of our planet, so there is no need to request those.

Please note if you wish to include other members of the recipient's family, please use first names only and put a comma between each name. We only need first names. If your request is for an animal, please add the type of animal in brackets e.g. Tiddles (cat) or Bobby (horse) etc.

If your request is for another person or an animal, please enter your own first name here:

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Thank you for your Distant Healing Request. Healing will be sent for four weeks, by our dedicated team of Healers.

This service is freely given, however as a charity we welcome and thank you for your kind donation if you are able to support our valuable work.

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