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About the Training programme

Our fully Accredited, two year Training Programme equips you to work competently with the general public.

Training courses are offered both in-person and online. Since 2023 we’re proud to be able to offer the first completely online Training, fully accredited by UK Healers, which is currently offered as part of a Pilot Project. As far as we know this is the first of it’s kind for Spiritual Healing, certainly in the UK.

Training demands not only competence in the practice of Healing and care of the client, but also importantly, personal development of the Healer. Healers need to be clear channels for the spiritual energy to flow freely from the Source, through the healer to the recipient.

Healing is an holistic treatment, working simultaneously on body, emotions, mind, and spirit, to assist in the restoration of health and wellbeing, therefore when training to become a Healer, Students must examine each of those aspects in themselves.

Before committing to undergo the two year training it’s good idea to attend an Introductory Event. These are run by Tutors, which not only give you a taste of what’s in store on the Training, but will also let you see how you get on with that Tutor. Every Tutor has their own teaching style and it’s important to feel that you and they are a good fit.

Our Syllabus

Our taught modules are presented in four distinct Parts over the two year training period. Each individual Part is followed up with tutor led assignments and supervised healing practice. You'll also be encouraged to begin your own unsupervised healing practice on friends, family members, pets, and even on plants.

What you’ll learn:

Year 1

Part One - Understanding Energy
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This Part of the course helps students learn about the following:

Recognising what the healing process involves, and why the principles in healing underpin so many other energy modalities and is the ‘grandparent’ of all holistic treatments.

Developing sensitivity to healing energies and chakras

Explaining the concept of the Human Energy Field and its many levels.

Understanding the importance of the stages of preparation to channel Healing.

Course Topics include:

  • What is Spiritual Healing
  • What makes a Healer
  • The History of Healing
  • The Chakras
  • The Human Energy Field
  • Grounding and Attunement
  • Self Healing
  • Distant Healing
Part Two - Developing a Professional Approach
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This Part of the course helps students learn about the following:

Recognising the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual importance of the breath in a Healing context.

Recognising the importance of maintaining a state of conscious physical awareness when Healing is being chanelled

Completing and maintaining accurate client records, and an awareness of GDPR

Recognising the importance of The Healing Trust’s Code of Conduct.

Recognising the need for a safety policy and ensuring a safe healing environment by conducting a risk assessment.

Course Topics include:

  • Breathwork and Relaxation
  • The Healing Environment
  • The Code of Conduct
  • Risk Assessment
  • Healing with the client seated

Year 2

Part Three - Roots of Illness & Fostering Health
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This Part of the course helps students learn about the following:

A basic knowledge of how the systems and organs of the body function

Recognising the causes and symptoms of stress. Being able to advise on simple stress relieving techniques.

The power of the Creative nature of the Mind and its effects on the physical body and other levels of being.

Describing creative imaging techniques and learning how to implement them.

Recognising the place of the healer within the greater order of reality.

Recognising how childhood influences may strongly affect personal development at different levels of being.

Recognising both the challenges and possibilities offered for spiritual development through 'prayerful' attunement.

Recognising both the challenges and healing power of forgiveness

How to give a healing treatment using a treatment couch.

Course Topics include:

  • The Physical Body - Anatomy & Physiology
  • Stress Management
  • The Creative Mind
  • Imagery in Healing
  • The Healer’s Role in the Universal Scheme
  • Childhood Influences
  • Attunement with Words
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing using a Treatment Couch
Part Four - Deepening Energy Awareness
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This course helps the student to learn about the following:

The importance of listening as an aid to the healing process.

Recognising the energetic and spiritual significance of the process of dying.

Recognising and describing the importance of the stages of the grieving process.

Exploring and understanding the possible functions of the Higher Self and its relationship with the other levels of consciousness.

Considering the evidence for Reincarnation, the Inter life (between death and rebirth), and the concept of Karma.

Recognising the significance of Sound and Vibration in a Healing context.

Understanding the subtle influence of Colour and its therapeutic use.

Understanding the importance for healers to cultivate personal Health and wellbeing as part of the multi-level development of a Healer.

Course Topics include:

  • Colour Awareness
  • Listening Skills
  • Sound and Vibration
  • Healing into Death, and Dying
  • The Higher Self
  • Holistic Health
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faqs about training

If you question isn't answered here, please submit your query via the Contact Us link below. Thank you.

How long does it take to train to be a Healer with The Healing Trust?
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2 years. Our training is accredited by UK Healers who set the standards for Healing in the UK. More details about the training programme can be found here.

Is The Healing Trust Training Accredited?
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Yes.  Our training is fully accredited by UK Healers, who are the standards setting body for Healing in the UK. See link at the bottom of this page.

Can I train online or only in-person?
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The choice is yours. As of 2023 we have new standards in place to offer Online Training. Courses are part of a Pilot Project until such time as the first intake have graduated.

How do I know if I could be a Healer?
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If it’s something you feel called to do it’s a good sign. All healing comes through the Heart and so ideally it should be something you feel passionate about. The best thing is to attend an Introductory Event and you’ll get a flavour of the training to see if this is right for you.

What if I don’t have the Gift?
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It’s a myth to think you need a special gift to be a Healer. Everyone has the ability to be a Healer, but like anything in life, you need to really want to do it. If you’re keen and you dedicate yourself to the practice, you’ll be great.

As a Healer can I also work with Animals?
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Yes. All our healers are encouraged to work with the pets of friends and family during their training. All animals seem to have an affinity with Healing and respond well. If you feel drawn to working with animals, we also offer additional training courses in Animal Healing.

How does Healer Training differ from Reiki training?
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Our Healer Training is for a minimum of two years during which students explore a wide range of practical and developmental subjects. They complete an extensive log of their training and clinical practice and must pass an assessment panel to ensure their competence to work on the general public, before graduating as a Healer and becoming a Registered professional Healing Practitioner. Reiki training is much more variable; it’s possible to be called a Reiki Practitioner with some schools after only two weekends, whilst others have a similar two year training to Healers.

I’m already a Reiki Practitioner. Can I train as a Healer?
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Yes of course. Many Healers are also trained in Reiki; some did Reiki first then studied Healing, others did Healing first and then (often out of curiosity), took a Reiki course. We’ve welcomed many Reiki students onto our training over the years and have had excellent feedback from them.

What method of Healing do you teach?
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We teach Spiritual Healing. Our Healers are trained to attune to the flow of Healing energy directly from the Source of Healing, which we regard as Spiritual or Divine. Our method of Healing involves working with a system of energy centres commonly known as Chakras, within the many layers of the personal Energy Field, also known as the Biofield or Aura.

I’m not religious, can I still practice Spiritual Healing?
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Absolutely. Among our members you’ll find Healers of every faith, and none. Healing in effect transcends religion. You don’t need to be religious in any way to be a Spiritual Healer, just to have a sense that there is a governing force in the Universe which is intelligent and beyond the mundane – not physical, emotional, or mental, but Spiritual. Quantum Science states what every healer has always known to be true, that everything is energy. This energy is all pervasive throughout the universe and has been referred to over the millennia by a multitude of names, many of which are used by various religions. These days we tend to use terms like Consciousness, Presence, All that Is, and Source Energy.

As a Student Healer may I charge for giving Healing?
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No. Our Code of Conduct prevents Students from charging for Healing. However, you may accept a donation towards your training.

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