Read some of our clients comments after receiving healing treatments from our professionally trained healers, whether privately, or at our lovely Healing Centres staffed by volunteer members.

Since having Spiritual healing at the THT Centre my anxiety and pain have lessened. The sessions provide a safe space, the only place I truly feel at peace, for which I extend my heartfelt gratitude. Highly recommended.

Jessica, Staffordshire

Amazing healing today - lovely purple and gold vibrant colours. Pain eased instantly which is totally amazing.


I receive on-going healing at a Healing Trust Centre which is very relaxing and deeply peaceful, easing tension and pain. I have fewer migraines which I believe is directly due to the healing.

Emma, Staffordshire

I was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2020. I knew the healing I have on a regular basis would help my body cope. Now my tumour has shrunk, and the treatment and healing (at a THT Centre) are keeping it under control.

Anita, West Midlands

My emotional health and my physical health is better. Healers are professional and make you feel relaxed and welcome.


My healer is caring and welcoming. The healing itself is very relaxing, and I can feel the energy being received by my body.


After a healing session, I leave feeling entirely restored and whole.


My blood counts are normal now and the bone marrow transplant is functioning at 100%.  

I am in full remission.


The Healing is exceptional. I will arrive feeling unbalanced, run down or suffering health issues and then leave feeling restored and whole after the healing


Absolutely amazing. I love coming for healing. It has given me peace and helped me heal.


I very much appreciate the healing and grounding that it brings.


The calmness and acceptance I felt was tremendous.


I had been unable to raise my arm above shoulder level for some 18 months. Two days after a healing session I can now raise my arm without pain or stiffness. As a lifelong sceptic, I am now a convert. It worked for me! 


It is always peaceful here...you feel energised and calm at the same time.


N was so caring and I felt much calmer after the healing.  I feel lighter and soothed.  Thank you.


Very relaxing, and at the same time uplifting.


I don't know what I'd do without my healing.  I'm so grateful.  As a healer too, it keeps me topped up


This healing team are warm, compassionate and very caring and dedicated.  Their powerful connection to the Divine healing source has helped me with many issues and ailments and I have also received upliftment.


Very clearing, cleansing and deeply healing. Highly recommend it for physical and mental problems.  Best if you can come regularly.


Lovely session - very relaxing.  Very grateful


A welcome return to peace of mind


Deep relaxation...feel safe and protected.


Coming for regular healings brings me deep relaxation and relief with ongoing pain from fibromyalgia.  All the healers are very experienced.


The results have been so transformative.

A sense of calm, ease and well-being were immediately felt.  


Before the healing session I had a really sore throat.  Afterwards my throat felt significantly better and the next day it was completely healed.

I highly recommend healing.  


Just four sessions and I feel the change.

I have learnt and achieved so much. I can manage pain better and my anxiety levels have decreased.  AL


I have suffered for years with a painful knee and arthritic joints. I’ve had healing regularly, and feel strong energy coming through.

I often feel a marked reduction in my pain the following day enabling me to cope.

H., North London

I just wanted you to know that you touched us all in your unique and blessed way.

I am ever grateful for your help and spiritual guidance which I will never forget. 


What a wonderful experience. 

There was a beautiful sense of peace in the room, and I could feel the warmth from your hands.  I relaxed so deeply, and I will never forget how that made me feel. 


I've had healing many times, always feeling peace, cocooned in light and love. I felt stronger and more hopeful.  It helped me cope with intense difficulties.  I highly recommend spiritual healing to anyone.

S., North London

My healer is so caring, welcoming and intuitive. Her healing treatments were very relaxing and I could feel the healing energy being received in my body over the video call.

I am really grateful for her incredible skills.


Thank you very much. It was wonderful to experience the distant healing session with you.

I've had the best sleep for weeks last night.


Wow! Thank you, what an amazing healing session today.

I walked in like a washed out rag and emerged feeling fabulous with a new found spring in my step! 

V.S. North East England

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