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The Healing Trust is a UK based charity  with members in 19 countries. We're devoted to training Healers and promoting Healing. We have a team of Trustees backed by our hardworking Office, which supports all our members and the public from Monday to Thursday. We're also blessed to be supported by two illustrious Patrons ( see Meet the Team below)

We have 19 Healing Centres around the UK, staffed by our wonderful volunteer healers. To find a Healing Centre near you go to the Find A Healer page and select 'Healing Centres' from the Categories list.

Harry Edwards
about us

Our famous first President

Harry Edwards has always been a highly significant figure throughout the life of The Healing Trust, being invited to become our inaugural President and ‘Member No 1’ of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers as we were then called.

He was an internationally renowned Healer, gave Healing demonstrations to thousands, and authored several books on Spiritual Healing.

Nowadays he’d be called an ‘activist’ as he worked tirelessly both as a Healer, and as a public figure raising awareness of Healing. He had the vision of Healing becoming a significant component of public healthcare and always intended Healers and Doctors to work together.

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our history

Promoting and growing Healing as a profession since 1954.

As the first ever national organisation of Healers, and based in the UK, we've always been at the forefront of the Healing movement.
We're proud to have helped inaugurate professional standards in healing, and the organisations to uphold them.


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Birth of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers
The Healing Trust began life in 1954 as The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) on the initiative of John Britnell. Harry Edwards, the nationally renowned Healer, was recorded as Member No 1 and its first President, with the Charity’s office being based at his home in Surrey.
Healers permitted to work in Hospitals
Healers permitted to work in Hospitals
A major turning point came for NFSH in 1960, when Chairman Gordon Turner persuaded the medical authorities to allow Spiritual Healers to give Healing in hospitals, at patients' request.
Worldwide growth creates change
Worldwide growth creates change
By 1974 the rapid growth of overseas membership inspired the NFSH President to create The World Federation of Healing. NFSH wanted to retain its national identity separately but readily sponsored WFH’s inaugural conference in London.
Until 1976 there had been 2 levels of NFSH membership: Class A (affiliated County based groups) and Class B (individual members registered with NFSH head office). When it was later decided to focus exclusively on individual membership, some of the Class A groups opted to remain intact and formed the The British Alliance of Healing Associations.
National Ethics and Standards created
National Ethics and Standards created
1982 - NFSH Helps to found the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO), new national training standards and Code of Conduct created, doctors authorised to refer patients to Healers.
NFSH helps to found UK Healers
NFSH helps to found UK Healers
Some of CHO’s largest membership organisations, alongside NFSH, worked together to further develop standards; this led to the formation of UK Healers in 1999, the first internally regulated umbrella complementary therapy body of its kind.
Healing officially a Complementary Therapy
Healing officially a Complementary Therapy
In 2000 the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee awards the status of Complementary Therapy to Spiritual Healing
Healers listed on Referral Register for GPs
Healers listed on Referral Register for GPs
In 2008 the government sponsored Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council is created, providing a Register of therapists from 18 disciplines from which GPs can confidently refer patients. Healing is one of those disciplines.
NFSH becomes known as The Healing Trust
NFSH becomes known as The Healing Trust
The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) adopts the working name of  The Healing Trust in order to better describe its focus and make the work of the organisation more accessible.
Navigating the charity through a Pandemic
Navigating the charity through a Pandemic
Covid 19 brings lots of upheaval in its wake. Training is allowed to go online for the first time ever, which works seamlessly, though is an emergency strategy only. We begin a complete overhaul of the infrastructure of the charity.
A year of change
A year of change
Following months of work with our Accreditation body UK Healers, new standards are agreed to offer our training course online. We also commission a new website, logo and rebranding.
New beginnings 2023
New beginnings
Our Online Pilot Project for training commences. Our new website is launched complete with new logo. This year also sees a move of Office location and update of office systems.
Our Platinum Jubilee!
Our Platinum Jubilee!
2024 sees our organisation Celebrating its  70th Anniversary !  

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As a charity we rely on your donations to continue our ongoing work to bring Healing and awareness to the wider public. We kindly thank you in advance for any contribution you feel able to make and we offer our deep and heartfelt thanks to all those who've given so generously to us over the decades.