09 May 2019

Enjoy this blissful guided meditation for Healing Awareness Week

by editor-admin

As part of Healing Awareness Week we are sharing a guided meditation straight out of the therapy room of Carole Thornton. This is aimed at helping to guide us through times when we need to make changes in life but are finding it difficult. It is both relaxing and restorative – soothing to listen to at bedtime, or any quiet time of day.

Carole is a highly skilled and qualified aromatherapist,  holistic healer,  NLP practitioner, intuitive counsellor and trainer with over 25 years experience in both the business sector and individual client personal development and holistic stress management.

As well as her therapeutic work Carole is also a director of a thriving and expanding IT business which makes her very aware of business pressures and health-related challenges.

Carole runs workshops and meditation groups from her home in Chelwood Gate near the beautiful Ashdown Forest. She is a member of the IFPA and The NFSH Healing Trust. You can find Carole here. 

We hope you enjoy Carole's meditation, with love and good wishes from all of us at The Healing Trust.





  1. Thank you, just what I needed right now. Going through painful but necessary transition / learning process.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the meditation Gill, and wishing you well. xx

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