How to reduce image size

June 2024
How to reduce image size

Your profile picture needs to be less than 1MB in size to aid in website performance. If the image you have is over 1MB, you can follow the below steps to reduce the file size.

Step 1: open the following website

Step 2: click 'upload files' and choose the image you want to compress

Step 3: you’ll see a comparison window below, check the compressed file size is under 1MB; if needed, use the vertical slider on the right of that window to reduce the file size (ideally aim for 500KB or just under), and then click 'Apply’.

Step 4: when your image is under 1MB, you can click 'Download' (see screenshot below) under the image thumbnail and upload to this form. You may need to check your Downloads folder on your PC/laptop to find the downloaded image.