Susan Kinsey

In 2012, my voyage into the world of meditation and healing took flight. Daily meditation became my cornerstone, reshaping my perspective on life by nurturing mindfulness and emotional acuity. Along this path, I delved deeper into the intricate web of energy dynamics within the human body. Guided by the wisdom of The Healing Trust, I pursued formal training as an energy healer. Additionally, I achieved certification as a Sound Therapist through The British Academy of Sound Therapy. My dedication extends to my affiliations with ITSC and CNHC, where I uphold the highest standards in my practice. My professional offerings are a diverse spectrum of healing services. These include meditation, energy healing, chakra balancing, and emotional release. I extend my services to individual sessions, which I conduct from the comfort of my own space. Furthermore, I facilitate local weekly meditation classes and immersive sound baths aimed at inducing profound relaxation. These group sessions can host up to 20 individuals and are held at venues like The Kosmon Sanctuary in Walton on the Hill, St. Michael's Sanctuary in Ewell Village, and The Mo-ichido Center in Horton Country Park, Epsom.
Susan Kinsey

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