Robyn Harris

I’ve been described as a Wellbeing Alchemist who brings a unique perspective to the process of wellbeing and dis-ease in our lives. Having worked as an interpreter for many years and seen and experienced stress and burn-out in myself and my colleagues, I decided to look for ways in which I could support myself to let go of anxiety and the beliefs and fears that were holding me back, allowing me to thrive. I now support others by helping them to interpret the messages from their own body in order to find a deeper sense of understanding, clarity and purpose. I’ve supported many women in rebuilding their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, allowing them to shine. Someone I worked with shared the following: "Robyn conducts our sessions with integrity and an open heart. Her knowledge and completely unjudgemental approach encourages me to look past my own judgements and to view each passing thought with curiosity. This has helped enormously to get past any issues. Her skills and experience have helped to reassure and hold a safe space to enable me to work deeply so that I have been able to evolve and continue exploring."
Robyn Harris

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