24 May 2019

Enjoy this vivid meditation: Through the Keyhole

by editor-admin

This beautiful, relaxing meditation is by Healing Trust member Susie Walters.

You peer intensely through the keyhole to the view that is hidden from your eyes. Catching glimpses of colour and light wondering what is behind the door, you squint and bend on all fours to see it from another perspective and, eventually, you find the key lying on the floor.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eagerly and with anticipation you turn the lock and gently open the door. There in front of you is the most beautiful secret garden. A vast ray of colour and a heavy scent of roses arouse your senses as you walk amongst the stunning vista of golden marigolds which leads you further into the garden of your mind.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tentatively you walk upon the fresh fertile grass taking in every moment, you stop and listen to the gentle sound of a babbling brook. Silently you walk further into this wonderland of mother nature. To your left, you notice a Robin with its bright red breast in full song guiding you along a path that is now visible to you, and there you see it. A great big expanse of a golden cornfield, excitedly you run with delight letting out a cry of pleasure. Barefoot and feeling free, you smile to yourself. Your eyes then avert you to the cloudless sky, bright light blue with a hint of warmness. A flock of migrating birds soar high above you to the call of nature, bringing you back to your thoughts. The birds are saying to you, come its time to fly the nest and move in another direction. Suddenly a bright-winged bird flies right past you and beckons you further into the realms of your mind.

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

Deeper and deeper you go, to find the real you. Peace and light are always within you as your stride gets more prominent. The golden field is now an array with an abundance of bright red poppies. They dance and sway with the wind as you stand amongst them, reaching down you become immersed in this reality, feeling safe and nurtured you find a place to rest.

Drifting into a blissful sedative state, you become aware of how your light your body is feeling. The warmth of our brightest star shines radiance of light above your now relaxed body, giving you the energy to heal. You feel safe and cocooned in a gentle healing bath, that is so soothing to your whole body. As you drift in and out of consciousness, you become aware of a beautiful bright being of light that surrounds you in love and joy. They are with you helping you to heal and reminding you; you are never alone.

This is your time to heal, and I will now leave you there for a while, deeper and deeper you go sinking into yourself allowing the healing to flow freely to you.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The sweet sound of a nightingale brings your awareness back to the field of flowers. You stretch out and touch the vibrant poppies, you smile as you see a delicate field mouse running up its stem. Eyes now wide open you feel alert and ready to take on the world. From this place, you start to make your way back along the path, through the many fields of golden corn. You stop for a moment and breathe in this magical colour of wealth on all levels magnificent bold and bright. You are now feeling empowered to walk through the door with ease, glancing back to the wash of bright colours that dance upon your eyes. Closing the door behind you, knowing you can come back to this world whenever you wish, you feel blessed and at peace with yourself.

Through the keyhole of life, you find yourself, knowing that you are a bright being of love and light. You are enough.

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