Being a Member of The Healing Trust

The Healing Trust (NFSH), considered a leading authority in the field of Spiritual Healing, is recognised by the General Medical Council for its professional, comprehensive Training programme.

Membership fees cover £4,000,000 insurance (UK Members), copies of ‘Spiritus’ members’ magazine, access to a mentor and the other support mechanisms such as the members’ area of the website, Development Groups, being able to attend a Healing Centre and all the facilities of the organisation.

Membership subscriptions also help to run and promote Spiritual Healing to the public.

Remember No Membership = No Insurance!

Type of Membership


Healer Membership.

Practising Student Members who have satisfied us that they are of good character and have reached an acceptable standard as Spiritual Healers may apply to become a full Healer Member.

When you apply to become a Healer Member, you will need to provide evidence that you have had at least two years experience of, and are competent in, the practice of Spiritual Healing. This evidence comes from a report by one Healer Member mentor who has observed your development; testimonials from four of your patients; attendance on training courses and details of your Healing experience recorded in your logbook. A Membership Panel will interview you and assess your suitability to become a Healer Member using this evidence of your development and experience.Where interviews with a Membership Panel cannot be arranged locally, assessment in a country where facilities exist may be an alternative. Another more recent addition to our global membership service is the possibility of having a membership panel by Skype.
To be ready for Full Healer status you need the following:

Current Student Membership
To have attended NFSH Courses Parts 1 to 4 (or older versions – please enquire if unsure)
To be fully conversant with the Healing Act and Code of Conduct
An up to date log book, signed by yourself, your mentor and as filled in as possible
Four patients willing to submit testimonials
A current mentor (only one required) and to have had, from your mentor(s) 6 hours observed Healing in total over the last 2 year period of which the last observed Healing was within 3 months prior to Panel application
To submit a completed application form along with £40 Panel application fee, completed log book, copies of certificates and any other information which you feel may be relevant.



Student Membership

When you apply to join as a student member, you will need to provide us with the name of one referee, who can be a friend, neighbour or colleague.

An Application Form Download is available on the Resources page.

Throughout your student period, you are required to have contact with a Healer member who will act as your mentor. Your Regional Student Liaison Officer can put you in touch with Healers in your Region who could help you. Some tutors also act as mentors. You will meet your mentor either in their own home, or yours, or sometimes as part of a Healing Development Group or at a Healing Centre, where they’ll be available to answer your questions and discuss your progress.
Practising your Healing.

Once you have become a student member and completed Parts 1 and 2, you are automatically insured to give Healing. This can be in public situations such as at a Healing Exhibition or a local Healing Trust Centre, provided a full member is present, or by yourself with family and friends.

You may have the opportunity to attend a Healer Development Group, which might be facilitated by a tutor or a Healer member. Sometimes these groups are self directed by students themselves. They provide opportunities to practice and discuss Healing, to expand knowledge and understanding, as well as share and explore issues of personal development with other students.
Keeping a record

Once you have become a student, you will be able to record your progress and your Healing practice in your logbook. This includes your meetings with your mentor, any relevant books that you have read, or personal development work and courses that you have attended.

We recommend that students should aim to progress to Healer Member in about 2 years. Sometimes students can apply to become a Healer Member after 21 months provided all courses are completed and your mentor agrees your readiness.


Associate Membership

Associate Membership.

This category is available to health professionals who are working towards the integration of Healing and allopathic medicine and who hold a medical or para-medical qualification who wish to see Spiritual Healing and allopathic medicine working together.