12 Feb 2019

What happens after a healing session? Our new information leaflet explains

by editor-admin

by Pamela Carr

It may not be sexy or all-singing, all-dancing but a new leaflet available from The Healing Trust does seem to meet a need and has so far been well received and appreciated by both healers and clients.

For several years I’ve been linking up with The Healing Trust healers and student healers in the Manchester area to offer in-person healing sessions at Gorton Monastery’s monthly Healing Sundays. Over time I became aware of a wish to do more to support clients with their healing after/between their sessions. On busy days, with clients queuing for appointments, we often had limited time to verbally offer this kind of support. About five years ago the then Regional Chair helped me to create a first version of an information leaflet, which we copied and used for our local clients.

In summer 2018, aware of changes to The Healing Trust’s logo and the new location of The Healing Trust, I decided to review and overhaul the leaflet.  I also realised it might be of value more widely within the Trust.


The leaflet can empower clients to:

  • understand that healing need not be limited to receiving a session with a healer but that they can be partners in their own healing,
  • understand that all healing is actually self-healing, the body always working to rebalance, moment by moment,
  • access some simple skills and approaches they will feel encouraged and to use, to support their own healing journey.

The leaflet can be a useful resource for healers:

  • as a small, concise and clear leaflet to meet a specific need,
  • that can support and enhance healing sessions with clients,
  • and is downloadable, printable and photocopiable.

The updated version got an enthusiastic thumbs-up from fellow healers at Gorton, and then from THT Chair and Board members too. They suggested that the leaflet be made available at Central Office and to the Regions, for use by healers and centres. It can be updated as needed – I’m happy to hear from healers with any comments or suggestions.

‘After a Healing Session’ is a client information leaflet available for download from THT website here.

The A4 pdf document can be copied double-sided (choose colour/black and white), then cut in half to create 2 x A5 folded leaflets.

Pamela is a healer member of The Healing Trust, working in the Manchester area. 





  1. Henriette Maasdijk

    It is fine, but please do not just focus on the physical body. Healing is meant to help and support people through their life experiences (not just illness). We also do not directly focus on physical symptoms but more on the cause of these that can be addressed in the subtle layes of the energy field and the systems within this field. Maybe add somthig like this as appropriate.
    with Light

  2. I think the leaflet is a step forward in helping people to understand more about their healing session, and a much needed backup.

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