07 May 2020

Visit The Healing Trust’s Facebook page for live events this week

by editor-admin

by Healing Trust tutor Jennifer Jones

Well! What an interesting time we’re living in right now.  Hopefully you’re all safe and sound in lockdown, and keeping distant from others. Some of you may be key workers, and if so, I send you thanks, and love and strength for the task.  And I’ll be clapping outside later with my neighbours.

I’m a Tutor with The Healing Trust, and, when we went into lockdown, I was about to offer a Part 1 & 2 course, and then a Part 3 course which was due to be this weekend. It’s a very challenging time for many, many people, and so I was inspired to offer a healing meditation session on Facebook Live, so that Members of the Healing Trust could join together, but virtually, rather than in person.

The first one was Wednesday 22ndApril at 9.00pm.  It was all a huge experiment, as I’d never done a Facebook Live event before, and I sent out a message on The Healing Trust’s Facebook page to advertise it, but only gave about 24 hours’ notice.  And I was astonished at the comments which came back. Many of those present said how much they missed being with other healers, and how powerful the group meditation was even though we were not present with one another physically.

Sally Chaffer in Leeds wrote:  “On Wednesday evening I was delighted to join Jennifer Jones for a live broadcast where she led a large group of us in sending healing and positive energy out to all in need and to the earth itself. Very apt as this was Earth Day! I have to say this was the most powerful experience I have had in sending distant healing as there was a real sense of togetherness with the other healers whilst connecting to Source energy. It reminded me of the strength of our collective positive energy during these uncertain times. If you or anyone you know would like to join us in the future please like and follow The Healing Trust's Facebook page and if you click on Facebook Live you can be notified of the next time we join together. Together we are stronger! Please remember we are here for you so do let us know if there is anyone you would like to go on our Distant Healing Lists. Please share with anyone you feel may benefit. Stay safe my friends.”

And you may have heard that it’s Healing Awareness Week this week, from Monday 4th May until Sunday 10th May, and we are joining in.  Many healing organisations are taking part, including UK Healers, to which we are affiliated.  Its name this year is ‘The Big Heal’, and you can find out more at https://www.healingawarenessweek.org/the-big-healand/or http://www.ukhealers.info.

At the Healing Trust we’re doing our bit too.  There is something on Facebook Live every day next week. We are focusing on distant healing sessions, guided meditations and tutor interviews on key subjects, and we are posting those on The Healing Trust Facebook page.  If you’re not already linked to us – and please ‘like’ us too! – you can find us on www.facebook.com/healingcharity.


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