28 Feb 2020

‘This One is Special’ is published today

by editor-admin


We're thrilled to announce that 'This One is Special' is published today. Written by Suzanne Askham, a Trustee of The Healing Trust and published by O-Books, it recounts her own powerful and moving experience of raising her profoundly disabled son and asks the question: "When you have a child with a condition that can't be cured, where do you go for answers?" We will give you a clue that the answers involve love, healing and discovery.

The book has been endorsed by Bear Grylls and Anita Moorjani as well as Gillian Clark, Chair of The Healing Trust, who writes: "I stayed up far too long last night reading 'This One is Special' from start to finish. I love it. It is like a cool, clear, endless glass of water on a warm summer's day – it has such clarity and depth."

You can buy 'This One is Special' at bookshops including Amazon.

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