06 May 2019

The Healing Trust supports Healing Awareness Week

by editor-admin

This week, from 6th to 12th May, is Healing Awareness Week. During this special week, healers from a whole range of training organisations across the UK and beyond come together to support the cause of healing and make sure that anyone who wishes to can benefit from it.

If you would like to train as a healer, or develop new skills or experience, this week will provide lots of opportunities to find out more.

If you would like to receive healing for yourself, this week will be the perfect time to find a healer. 

If you'd like to offer a donation to help fund more healers in hospitals, you can donate directly to the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust, which specialises in this service.

As the largest membership organisation of healers in the UK, we are committed to helping the cause of healing wherever it's needed. Share your requests and experiences of healing with us, and we'll do our best to spread the word about this gentle yet effective natural therapy. Because, as countless people can testify, whatever challenges come along in life, healing can make a difference.

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