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Today we continue our occasional series of guest posts by healer members of The Healing Trust. Isabella Clarence is author of 'Different? You Have Always Been Different' which recounts her journey from MS patient to a thriving healer with her own private practice. 

By Isabella Clarence


It’s amazing how a few simple words can mean so much. I had a patient yesterday who was feeling very despondent because she was in so much pain and she didn’t know which of her ailments were causing it. ​This lady has arthritis, fibromyalgia and ME so she has her fair share of problems to cause her pain in so many places. In fact she said the only places that weren't hurting were her elbows. At the end of her treatment I could see by her face that she was much more relaxed and at peace with herself. As a healer we all want to help people to the best of our ability, knowing of course that actually it’s not us that does anything, we are all just the instruments. The wonderful healing energy that fills the Universe is there for everyone to use if we are willing and it’s very important for all of us as healers to remember that we on our own can do nothing. But with love in our hearts and a willingness and the patience to want to help, it’s amazing what can be done. And yesterday for me in its own very simple way, was no exception. I asked her how she was feeling when her treatment was over and she smiled up at me from my healing couch and said. “I feel all smiley. I feel all filled up with smiles.” What a lovely way for her to be feeling, and of course her words put a smile on my face and in my heart. There was no need for me to ask her if she was out of pain, that actually didn’t matter because she was all filled up with smiles. What an amazing job I have, being able to put a smile on someone’s tired face may seem a very simple thing to do, it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being very special. On the days I’m working as a healer my heart is filled with love and a wonderfull kind of magic and I’m often given smiles. Wow, thank you to the Universe for reminding me. Blessings always.

Photo with thanks to Christian Newman/Unsplash

Researchers in the US have been measuring the impact of stored or recorded energy healing on breast cancer cells in vitro. As part of the experiment, the healers were not physically near the cancer cells. Instead, they practised a previously researched, specific healing method on short lengths of cotton wool. Electromagnetic recordings of healers in action were also taken. The cotton and the recordings were then taken to the cancer cells, and their effects were then measured.

The researchers found that a significant number of the cancer cells underwent genetic changes when subjected to the energetically charged cotton and the electromagnetic recordings.  Two genes in particular were identified as being reduced in their expression for a period following the healing.

The findings are of interest for several reasons. First, they add to the growing weight of evidence that the act of healing can affect cancer cells. Second, intriguingly, they provide evidence that the healing can be delivered through different means – that the healer does not need to be present.

At The Healing Trust we practise both hands-on and distant healing. The use of materials to deliver the healing, as described in this study, brings different considerations into play. The ultimate aim of the US research is to develop an easily deliverable method of healing. That brings us to the third reason why this research is of interest: do our healer members have their own experiences of healing being imparted through physical objects, including perhaps items such as clothing, crystals, food and drink? And if so, is this common or otherwise? If you have such an experience to share, we'd love to hear about it.


Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

We're happy to announce that we've been recognised as one of the UK's top ten healing blogs and websites, by RSS reader Feedspot. We're especially pleased as our blog only began life last month (although The Healing Trust itself was founded back in the 1950s). We're grateful to our talented members who have been sharing meditations, personal stories and insights since we first started posting a few weeks ago. Thank you all, and please keep sharing.

You can read the list of the UK's top ten healing blogs and websites here. Each blog has life-enhancing insights to offer. Enjoy!

We wish you a happy Solstice, which this year takes places on 21st June. Whether you are with us in the summer half of the planet, or happen to be in the winter hemisphere, this is a good time to celebrate the sun in our lives.  Here is a sun visualisation for you. It's good to do on the longest day of the year, or the shortest, or anywhere in between. It's adapted from  an exercise from 'Sacred Healing' by Jack and Jan Angelo, both wonderful healers and tutors with the NFSH, as The Healing Trust used to be known.

Sit comfortably, outdoors or in, and feel your connection with the earth, the air, and all aspects of this planet. Understand that you are a part of the landscape as much as the trees, birds, hills, rivers and breezes. Give thanks for your life and the lives of all living beings.

Turn the palms of your hands upwards, so that they are shallow vessels holding air. Now imagine the sun in all its power, light, and glory. As you breathe in, picture, or sense, the life force in the air streaming into your body – through the crown of your head, and through the palms of your hands.

As you breathe out, picture, or sense, the life force in the air moving powerfully into each part of your body and your surrounding energy field. Feel every aspect of yourself become warm and radiant with the sun's energy. Sense the life force fill your energy field, harmonising and balancing the energies within it.

Stay for a few moments in your state of harmony and alertness.

Relax. As you end the exercise, feel yourself return to ordinary reality: recharged, energised, grounded and safe.

Do you have a favourite sun visualisation? We'd love to hear about it.