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distant healing

Researchers in the US have been measuring the impact of stored or recorded energy healing on breast cancer cells in vitro. As part of the experiment, the healers were not physically near the cancer cells. Instead, they practised a previously researched, specific healing method on short lengths of cotton wool. Electromagnetic recordings of healers in action were also taken. The cotton and the recordings were then taken to the cancer cells, and their effects were then measured.

The researchers found that a significant number of the cancer cells underwent genetic changes when subjected to the energetically charged cotton and the electromagnetic recordings.  Two genes in particular were identified as being reduced in their expression for a period following the healing.

The findings are of interest for several reasons. First, they add to the growing weight of evidence that the act of healing can affect cancer cells. Second, intriguingly, they provide evidence that the healing can be delivered through different means – that the healer does not need to be present.

At The Healing Trust we practise both hands-on and distant healing. The use of materials to deliver the healing, as described in this study, brings different considerations into play. The ultimate aim of the US research is to develop an easily deliverable method of healing. That brings us to the third reason why this research is of interest: do our healer members have their own experiences of healing being imparted through physical objects, including perhaps items such as clothing, crystals, food and drink? And if so, is this common or otherwise? If you have such an experience to share, we'd love to hear about it.


Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash