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case study

Today we continue our occasional series of guest posts by healer members of The Healing Trust. Isabella Clarence is author of 'Different? You Have Always Been Different' which recounts her journey from MS patient to a thriving healer with her own private practice. 

By Isabella Clarence


It’s amazing how a few simple words can mean so much. I had a patient yesterday who was feeling very despondent because she was in so much pain and she didn’t know which of her ailments were causing it. ​This lady has arthritis, fibromyalgia and ME so she has her fair share of problems to cause her pain in so many places. In fact she said the only places that weren't hurting were her elbows. At the end of her treatment I could see by her face that she was much more relaxed and at peace with herself. As a healer we all want to help people to the best of our ability, knowing of course that actually it’s not us that does anything, we are all just the instruments. The wonderful healing energy that fills the Universe is there for everyone to use if we are willing and it’s very important for all of us as healers to remember that we on our own can do nothing. But with love in our hearts and a willingness and the patience to want to help, it’s amazing what can be done. And yesterday for me in its own very simple way, was no exception. I asked her how she was feeling when her treatment was over and she smiled up at me from my healing couch and said. “I feel all smiley. I feel all filled up with smiles.” What a lovely way for her to be feeling, and of course her words put a smile on my face and in my heart. There was no need for me to ask her if she was out of pain, that actually didn’t matter because she was all filled up with smiles. What an amazing job I have, being able to put a smile on someone’s tired face may seem a very simple thing to do, it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being very special. On the days I’m working as a healer my heart is filled with love and a wonderfull kind of magic and I’m often given smiles. Wow, thank you to the Universe for reminding me. Blessings always.

Photo with thanks to Christian Newman/Unsplash