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Campaign for change

Yesterday on Facebook, Matthew Manning, our Patron and probably the foremost healer in the UK, pointed out that the Government-funded National Careers Service (NCS) inexplicably did not include 'Healer' as a career choice in their Alternative Therapy section. This is despite the fact that the they included 25 other therapies, including Music, Art and Beauty Therapy, Osteopathy, Reflexology, Reiki and Yoga.

We need to get 'Healer' into the National Careers Service Directory, and we need your help to do it! Please fill out the National Careers Service's feedback form and request that 'Healer' be added to the list. Please don't delay in this – we need your help!

Feel free to put the case for healing in your own words, or simply copy and paste the text below. A final point, included in our suggested text, is that reiki should not be confused with healing. Although we have no problem with reiki as a modality in its own right, we are aware that training to become a reiki practitioner can be variable and should not be confused with the training to become a healer.

Be aware that you have to keep your feedback down to no more than 1,000 characters, as in the suggested text below.

Thank you so much. We appreciate your support in helping to make this important change to national careers advice.

Here is your suggested text:

Re nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/job-profiles/alternative-therapies I am surprised that 'Healer' is not listed. Healing is a popular career in the UK and indeed abroad. The Healing Trust offers two-year courses which give training second to none. Since 1959, hospitals across the UK have had healers trained by The Healing Trust working in them. In probably the largest healing study in the world, the University of Birmingham recently collaborated with Healing Trust healers, consultants and NHS outpatients over a two-year period and found that the benefits of healing were significantly higher than placebo. https://www.thehealingtrust.org.uk/contact-us/research/ Many healers also work in their own private practices and therapy centres. 

I request that you add 'Healer' to your list of alternative health careers. Finally, I request that you reinstate the correct title for reiki. This should read 'Reiki practitioner' not 'Reiki healer'.