FAQ's Students

It is up to the individual whether they charge or not and quite often a member may accept a donation to help with expenses. You must make it clear that you are a Student Member and any charges should be sensitive and proportionate to your experience. You must also continue ongoing consultation/supervision with your mentor as laid down by the Healing Trust

Healing Trust Centres and Accredited Centres are encouraged to welcome, help and support students. There are many reasons why a Centre may not be able to accommodate you at a particular time. They may already have a lot of students working there and you may be put on a waiting list. You could contact your Regional Chair or Student Liaison Officer (SLO) and ask if there are any other Centres in your area or any support groups.

No, a full Healer Member must be present. The Healing Trust encourages students to work at exhibitions as it is a valuable experience.

The Healing Act is basically hands off but involves some touch so you must always obtain permission from the client before you start working. You must always Heal in accordance with the Code of Conduct. You must not touch in a way that could make the client uncomfortable or embarrassed, or in a way that could be construed as assault or sexual harassment. At exhibitions you must Heal with hands off and in accordance with The Healing Trust recommended Act of Healing.

The method of Healing recommended by The Healing Trust is a guide for you as a student starting out on your Healing journey. It is also to give uniformity when Healing in public. Ultimately, it does not matter if you start from the left or the right (there may be circumstances where only one side is possible) but ask your tutor for guidance. You will be expected to know the Act of Healing as part of your Panel and it is important to Heal in the manner recommended by The Healing Trust when Healing in public.

No, a patient is testifying that they have received benefit from Healing given by you and you may have only given Healing once and had a very positive result. 3 or more times is common. It is necessary that the patient testifying has received Healing only from you during that time. One testimonial can come from the owner of an animal you have worked with and one can include a client that has benefited from Distant Healing. You may not have testimonials from relatives.