12 Oct 2019

Sandy Edwards is a new Fellow at The Healing Trust

by editor-admin

We are pleased as anything to announce that foremost research healer Sandy Edwards has agreed to become a Fellow of The Healing Trust. At our recent AGM in London, Chair Gillian Clark (left) presented Sandy with her certificate of Fellowship. Sandy can be seen holding her groundbreaking book, 'Healing in a Hospital: Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health'. She co-organised one of the largest medical trials of healing in the world, conducted by a top UK university and hospital, and funded by the National Lottery. The story of how this came about makes riveting reading for all who are interested in holistic approaches to health care. Sandy gave an outstanding talk on the subject at our AGM, to a record audience of Healing Trust members. We look forward to hearing more from Sandy in the coming months.


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  1. Congratulations to Sandy in becoming a Fellow. The award is well-deserved as her ground-breaking work and the research is a milestone along the path to having Spiritual Healing more generally acknowledged and accepted.

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