28 Apr 2016

Hospital Audit of 75 Patients

by Ben

28 Apr 2016

Hospital Audit of 75 Patients

You can download this file as a PDF here Please Note: The raw data in this study has been inspected by a Russell Group University as well as a Primary Care Trust and subsequently research funding has been awarded. Access to primary sources can be obtained by any serious enquirer..

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28 Apr 2016

Hospital Audit of 75 Patients

You can download this file as a PDF here

Please Note: The raw data in this study has been inspected by a Russell Group University as well as a Primary Care Trust and subsequently research funding has been awarded.

Access to primary sources can be obtained by any serious enquirer upon request to Sandy Edwards (please view the end of this article for her contact details).

The graphs that follow show the results from the first 75 people seen.

The first part of the questionnaire was completed after the patients had seen the consultant and before the healing session. You can see that Figs 1, 2 and 3 show an improvement between "over the past week" (black bars) and "before healing" (grey bars), which shows that patients benefited from their consultation. The remainder of the questionnaire was completed after the healing session, of course, and the outcome is clear from the gold bars.

research_pilotstudies01  Fig 1          research_pilotstudies02  Fig 2

research_pilotstudies03  Fig 3

Inevitably, in a consultancy situation, there are a few patients who cannot be helped by further medicine or surgery and have to be told that there is little time left for them to live. Despite the deep distress that such catastrophic news causes, I have witnessed these raw emotions transform into a deep peacefulness and an acceptance of their fate. It shines from their eyes. Sometimes, the consultant or staff see patients immediately after a healing session and comment at the dramatic difference that they have observed.

Every patient was given a similar questionnaire to go home with that they were asked to complete a week later. 32 people returned their "one week later" sheet, showing the following results:

research_pilotstudies04  Fig 4          research_pilotstudies05  Fig 5

research_pilotstudies06  Fig 6          research_pilotstudies07  Fig 7

research_pilotstudies08  Fig 8          research_pilotstudies09  Fig 9

As you can see, these results are from just one twenty minute healing session. Imagine if people took up our recommendation of 5 or 6 weekly sessions!

Almost all patients who sent in their "one week later" sheet enjoyed and benefited from their healing session and are keen to have more (Figs 10 and 11).

research_pilotstudies10  Fig 10        research_pilotstudies11  Fig 11

53 people chose to write an additional comment on the questionnaire sheet immediately after having a healing session:

    • 21 stated that they now felt more positive
    • 18 stated that they now felt relaxed/peaceful
  • 9 people stated that pain/discomfort disappeared
  • 6 people stated that pain/discomfort substantially reduced
  • 4 people stated that pain/discomfort arose during the session then disappeared

During the healing session:

  • 10 experienced the sensation of heat
  • 7 experienced heaviness or lightness
  • 6 experienced tingling sensations
  • 5 experienced seeing light
  • 3 experienced involuntary muscle movements

Other comments include:

  • Before the session, it felt urgent to leave for visiting husband in hospital but now I feel I could just sit here!
  • Wonderful - I feel good for the first time in over 30 years.
  • Felt warmth in torso especially stomach/colon. Trembling started in right arm during session but stopped when healer touched the shoulder.
  • Left side felt empty. Extra healing given there and felt complete.
  • Aware of lavender light throughout. Been worthwhile.
  • Tremor (which have had for a year) disappeared now and again during session - aware of heat at solar plexus although healer's hands cold.
  • Have never sat still and peacefully for so long.
  • Didn't expect to be comfortable in chair (due to back) but was. Very impressed.
  • Felt warmth and can still feel it; also tingling in hands. Felt movements in knees and tingling - no pain in left knee now.
  • Revelation that I've allowed myself to be open to a new approach - back and shoulder eased.
  • Could sleep for a week - shoulders feel better.
  • Felt heavy & tingling; felt pressure on shoulders even when healer took hands away.
  • Feeling similar to waking after long sleep; felt energy coming and going out of base of feet.
  • Strange but nice experience - tingling and numb all over - chilled out.
  • Involuntary muscle movements set up and aches/pains arose but all disappeared during session. Eyes watered.
  • Most relaxed for long time. As though been lifted.
  • Have enjoyed the session very much. Felt like lying in the sun. Totally at peace.
  • Aware of coloured circles that gave impression of something leaving me (in a positive way).
  • Feel ecstatic. Feel like could run a marathon. Felt tingling throughout body, even now, but especially during session when healer's hand was on the part that had been problematic.
  • Before the session, I was dubious and a little cynical. These feelings have all been washed way now and I feel lighter.
  • Hadn't thought that the session would do any good at all but definitely feels better.
  • Most relaxing technique I ever experience! Hands became dry (had been sweaty).
  • Aware of purple colour throughout the healing. Very relaxing.
  • Wow, marvellous! Really helped. Back pain disappeared.
  • Was as though a huge lamp was switched on above his (patient's) head. Felt its heat and saw its light.
  • Comments one week after the healing session.
  • Most definitely would like regular sessions.
  • I think my appreciation of my relationships has increased.
  • Physical problems did not cease after the session but felt calmer and more able to cope with them. I would definitely be interested in more healing sessions as I felt so much better after just one.
  • I felt relieved in a way. I am hoping that more sessions will make a magnificent change. Eager to see how I would be after a number of sessions.
  • I am very grateful for my extra energy levels. I felt better after one session but would be grateful for more.
  • Really impressed and wish it was available in Tamworth.
  • Had a couple of good days and they were good and relaxed.
  • I have felt more calm about things.
  • Slept really well first night - feel very positive.
  • Today I find out my results and with that in mind I have slept well and woken up OK.
  • Although my physical condition persists, my feeling of wellbeing has improved.
  • Was really good for a few days only then went down hill.
  • Feeling relatively good.
  • After my healing, my relationship with my boyfriend was (and still is) good as the healing got rid of my stress and anxiety levels.
  • Felt irritable after session but this lifted the next day and I felt very good.
  • Finding that I can do more things in the day than before.

Subsequent developments:

  1. A couple of months after the audit, I bumped into one of these patients at a "Drugs Awareness" event. Although he did not return his "one week later" sheet, he told me that he had been free of all symptoms since then and was now working.
  2. A lady who had experienced problems for 30 years, had "unexplained anaemia resolved", "blood count up", "stomach and colon normal".
  3. Another lady had been a patient here for 3 years. Despite being sceptical, she agreed to have a healing session. She tingled for 4 days, after which she has remained entirely symptom-free.

And there may yet be more to report!

In conclusion, I have to say that all healers have similar results to these. The difference is that this information has been captured and presented in a way that makes the benefit of healing clear at first glance. As a result of this audit, more departments of the hospital are interested and the word is spreading. In addition, there is a sniff of a possibility that research trials may come about. Let's hope so!

Sandy Edwards Founder of Rushall Healing Group, Walsall, West Midlands. Voluntary Healing Group - Accredited Healing Trust Healing Centre