**March is Membership Renewals Month**

Valerie Chiltonsmith
February 2024
Notice Board
**March is Membership Renewals Month**

Annual renewals will open on 1st March. Be sure to renew during March to ensure you're Insurance remains valid and your Find a Healer profile remains intact.

Our website is designed so that your membership, which runs from 1st April to 31st March, can be renewed at any point during March, but will not begin until 1st April to ensure you get a full 12 months of membership and you have continuity of insurance year after year.

So long as you renew during March, your profile on Find A Healer will remain intact. If by 1st April you have not renewed, your Find a Healer Profile will no longer be visible, and for our UK Members, you will no longer be Insured.

Thank you for renewing during March.