FAQ's Membership

The fee covers your insurance (UK members), copies of the Spiritus members' magazine, access to a mentor and the other support mechanisms such as the members’ area of the website, Development Groups, being able to attend a Healing Centre and all the facilities of the organisation. Membership subscriptions also help to run and promote the charity, to teach and develop Healers and to make the public aware of Spiritual Healing.

Yes, you may pay by quarterly direct debit provided it is set up in time for the first payment to be paid on 1st April. Contact Central Office (01604 603247) and they will advise you how to do this.

In special circumstances, yes. Some people may have a shorter time as a student, as they may have some Advanced Prior (Experiential) Learning of Healing; this will be discussed with Central Office at the very beginning of the application process.

There is no written exam! When you attend the Panel you will be asked about your own development as a Healer, to answer questions on the Code of Conduct (learn it well – you will have to pass this section), and to demonstrate Healing to a member of the Panel. Panel members will do their best to put you at ease and the atmosphere will be friendly and informal.

Sometimes there may be a delay before the next Panel in your Region. You may go to a Panel in any Region if one is available.

Regions welcome help from all Healer and Student Members and your contribution to the committee would be valued. Members with skills are particularly welcome (secretarial, computer, advertising) and treasurers are often hard to find! If you have any kind of experience you feel would benefit The Healing Trust, please do contact your Regional Chair.

All members have a say in the running of your organisation. If you have a concern or constructive idea, please contact your Regional committee. Ideas can be shared nationally by contributing to the Members' Forum on the website or by contacting your Regional Council Representative who takes members' ideas and concerns to Council meetings attended by other Council Representatives and the Board of Trustees.

You are insured to Heal as a student provided you have joined the organisation as a Student Member and have completed Parts 1 and 2 of your training.

As a student, your insurance is valid provided that:
you only practice The Act of Healing as taught in parts 1 and 2 of the Healing Trust syllabus and your tutor has deemed you competent by issuing you with your Certificate. At this point you are a student insured to practise Healing within the limits and ongoing consultation/supervision set down by your mentor. Once students have passed the Membership Panel they are insured to practise as fully qualified Healers and can practise autonomously within Healing Trust guidelines
the patients know you are a student and therefore still training
you continue ongoing consultation/supervision with your mentor as laid down by the Healing Trust
in public, there is a full Healer Member with you
Each member is covered individually for the act of Spiritual Healing and for public liability while working as a Spiritual Healer. This means that if you go to someone's home to offer Healing, you are covered if you accidentally damaged their property, etc. If you are working in a public place and slip you would be covered by the public liability insurance of the venue where you are working. If you intend to work at home (whether or not you are charging) you need to check with your home insurance to make sure that your policy covers you for all eventualities.
Members who are UK residents are covered for giving Healing whilst on holiday overseas, whether voluntary or paid, but do check that Healing is legal in the country that you are visiting. Those who are resident overseas need to find their own insurance, though Balens can help if you live in Spain (and possibly Greece).
For members who practice other modalities specific insurance cover is required and it is usually cheaper to add other therapies to your existing NFSH (Healing Trust) insurance instead of buying separate policies. Contact Balens Insurance for details - 01684 581880.

No, this isn't always possible as some students may not have a Centre near them. However you are expected to gain experience at a Centre, where this is practically possible. Remember that being a part of a Centre is more than the act of Healing. Be aware that it is a two-way journey. Being willing to help with setting up, reception, making tea, washing up and packing away is also a part of belonging to a Centre.

Your Student Membership starts from the day you actually join NFSH (The Healing Trust) and not from the date of your first training course.

One referee must be a current Healer Member of the organisation who may not necessarily have known you for a long period of time (e.g. your tutor) but your other referee must have known you for some time and be willing to give a reference on you and your suitability to join the Healing Trust as a Student Member.