12 Mar 2019

Matthew Manning meets up with Healing Trust Chairs

by editor-admin


by Suzanne Graham-Beer

Whilst working at the Holistic Centre In Godalming, Matthew Manning’s new healing base, and on Healing Circles, Matthew took the opportunity to meet Gillian Clark, chair of the Healing Trust and Robert Oulton, chair of Region 1. (See Matthew with Gillian, above, and Robert, below.)

Amongst matters discussed were promoting the role of new trustees and the need for healers in particular geographical areas. Matthew was keen to lend a hand. He also gave both chairs information on his Healing Hub, to become a national network of Healing Trust healers, and information on his Healing Hub Facebook page, 'Matthew Manning’s Healing Hub', staffed by Hub healers.

Suzi Graham Beer is a healer member of The Healing Trust and  Matthew Manning’s Healing Hub. She is based in Kent. 


  1. Does Mr Mannie see patients by appointment on a one to one bases?

    1. Yes, Matthew Manning does, Carol. You can contact him via his website.

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