28 Apr 2020

Join us during Healing Awareness Week, 4 – 10 May 2020

by editor-admin

This year's Healing Awareness Week runs from 4 – 10 May and is a wonderful opportunity to make the most of distance healing, whether you wish to send or receive it – or both at different times. The Big Heal will be an event running from its own website and on  Facebook.

Healing Awareness Week is organised by The Healing Forum, which comprises all the major healing organisations in the UK, which of course includes The Healing Trust. We also help to sponsor the week through our self-regulating body, UK Healers.  The organisers explain:

"Each evening of Healing Awareness Week, between 8.00 pm and 8.30 pm, we are inviting healers from around the world to join in our Big Heal and channel healing energies into our video “Collective pool of loving and healing light”.

"Anyone can request healing during Healing Awareness Week simply by watching our video 'The collective pool of loving and healing light' and healing may be received for their greater good."

Healing Trust tutors will also be offering online meditation and healing sessions during the week. Keep visiting The Healing Trust's Facebook page for details of new events.


  1. I look forward to joining in with this much needed healing initiative next week

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