20 Feb 2018

Join our online community

by editor-admin

We relaunched our Facebook page in September 2017 and this has been growing organically ever since. In just a few months it has developed into an uplifting, informative and mutually supportive community. Join us here. We welcome your views, and your experiences of healing as a healer or as a recipient. Of particular interest are your personal stories. How did you become a healer?  Or are you still simply wondering about your future path? Whatever your situation, you can be sure of finding kindred spirits in this vibrant online group.


  1. I would just like to say that I have had a couple of Distance Healing Sessions with you and had a noticeable benefit. I will probably have another this year. I find the cleansing energy your Healers give me re -charges me. So Thanks don’t stop. I will leave a small donation this year.
    God Bless. Peace and Love Clive Barton

  2. Hi ,I completed my course with the NFSH a good few years ago ,it was something I enjoyed ,living were I do ,their is no way of meeting like minded people ,would like to, get back on the spiritual horse if you like ,How would I go about that ,have you any guidance ,thankyou,

    1. Hi Margaret, we recommend that you get in touch with our office at office@www.thehealingtrust.org.uk — 01604 603247– 10am- 4pm- Mon- Thurs. They should be able to help you to connect with a local group, either in person or online, or help you look into rejoining The Healing Trust which offers monthly newsletters and a regular members’ magazine.

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