Membership and Insurance Renewal

Your Insurance

Your insurance cover is £4 million and renewal is given on the understanding that:

  1. You have never been convicted of any criminal offence, other than motoring, nor have prosecutions pending.
  2. No insurer providing cover for your Healing activities has ever cancelled, declined or refused to renew, or accepted the risk at special terms. There have been no changes during the year that would affect an insurer’s decision to continue to insure you.
  3. There have been no claims under a policy involving Healing that have or could give rise to a claim under a policy involving negligence, error or omission, nor are you aware of any circumstances that may give rise to such a claim or suit being made against you.

Please note that your insurance is a compulsory part of your membership and CANNOT be deducted from your membership fee. By paying the renewal premium and renewing your membership with the Healing Trust your cover will be conditional on the 3 points stated being satisfied. If you cannot satisfy all of these conditions please contact us so we can refer to our insurers for their further consideration.