01 May 2018

Healing meditations: day two

by editor-admin

Today, we continue to share free meditations and music for you to enjoy. First, we are very pleased to introduce you to Ruth Kaye, a Fellow of The Healing Trust, who has helped countless people in an NHS setting. Second, we are sharing here the deeply relaxing music of husband and wife team Julie Berg and Kevin Scanlon. Julie is a healer member of The Healing Trust. Kevin co-creates the music which is then used in Julie's therapy sessions.


An audio meditation

Ruth Kaye is a national treasure, and a Fellow of The Healing Trust. Ruth has helped countless people of all ages over many years in hospital and palliative settings. She is employed as a Natural Healer working for the NHS in cancer care.

Ruth has free audio and video meditation guides on her website at ruthkaye.net.

"There are many paths to find the inner self," says Ruth. "My dream is to reach out to people before they become ill, as preventative medicine. If we can catch the stress before it manifests physically, and find a way to self-empower through meditation and spiritual healing... these therapies have been around for centuries. They're nothing new. We're turning back to the old ways. Concentrating on the breath is so easy. You will find your own path, your own way and make your own choices. Bob Dylan in one of his songs says, 'I'm going to change my way of thinking and get a different set of rules'. And this actually says it all. We're not just the physical body. We're mind, body and spirit. And the missing link that medicine is not addressing is the deeper self, the inner self... The spirit is the essence of who we are."




Julie Berg is a practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Naturopathic Iridology. In 2014 she became a healer member of The Healing Trust, and those healing principles now permeate all her therapeutic work. She runs a clinic called Conscious Health in Kent.

Kevin Scanlon, her husband, says: "We have started creating music for Julie to play within her clinic and to share with a wider base in time. This piece, named 'Promise', is the first we have recorded using 55 beats per minute, which is nice moderate heart rate. The key is A, to emulate the 'Om' chant. All the sounds, such as guitar chimes, are real."

You can download this file here




  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources!

    1. You’re very welcome, Sally. And thank you for your Standing Tree Meditation on Monday – a brilliant start to the week!

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