02 May 2018

Healing meditations: day three

by editor-admin

This is day three of Healing Awareness Week. Today, we invite you to enjoy a free guided meditation set in nature, by a member of The Healing Trust who combines intuitive insights with healing work to help the heart to open and create space for personal transformation.


Meeting your healing guide

7 minutes

This guided meditation by intuitive consultant and healer Alison Crocker is for anyone seeking peace, rest and rejuvenation. Follow a path into a beautiful oak woodland, and spend time with a wise friend who can help you with life's dilemmas, bringing calm, reassurance and a renewed clarity about your next steps. This is an invaluable intuitive technique that can be used again and again.

Alison qualified with The Healing Trust in 2009. Her primary work centres around psychic consultancy, and she is a qualified past life regression therapist.

You can learn more about Alison's healing and psychic work at alisoncrocker.co.uk

You can download this file here


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