30 Apr 2018

Healing meditations: day one

by editor-admin

This is the first of seven daily posts in which Healing Trust members share free guided meditations that can help you to feel relaxed, restored and refreshed.

Today we have two self-care meditations for you. Each of these can be practised regularly and will benefit you in different ways. We hope you enjoy them.

Standing Tree Meditation

3 minutes

The first, an energising meditation from Sally Chaffer, is a quick and easy exercise you can do anywhere.

Sally writes: "The Standing Tree Meditation is an empowering resource which can be used any time you feel ungrounded, stressed or off balance. This is a great meditation for healers to share with their clients to help them ground themselves in daily life."

This meditation is from ENERG-eased, a 3 CD Resource for Caring Professionals which is available to buy from Sally's website, Peace now here.

You can download this file here



Purifying and Manifesting with Light

27 minutes

Our second meditation for today comes to you from Valerie Chiltonsmith. It's designed for a longer, relaxing meditation session. Listen to it to clear all toxic energy and old issues from your aura, and programme your consciousness for success at all levels. Send healing to yourself, family, friends and the world.

You can purchase Valerie's transformative meditations from Inner Light Workshops.

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