04 May 2018

Healing meditations: day five

by editor-admin

This is our fifth day of sharing free guided meditations created by members of The Healing Trust, in celebration of Healing Awareness Week. Today we offer you a wonderful, heart-opening song by Angela Casey, and a deeply relaxing nature meditation by Suzanne Askham. Both can help you to understand the natural cycles of life.


Great sweet silence

Healer and Bowen practitioner Angela Casey has contributed a simple yet emotionally layered song that has the ability to create solace during life's challenges. “'Great Sweet Silence' was written at a difficult time for me and my family," explains Angela. "It speaks of that still place that’s always there for us no matter what our circumstances may be, and forms part of my first album, ‘Heartwood’. ”  You can learn more about Angela's multi-modality work at angelacasey.co.uk

You can download this file here



Dream Library Meditations

We also invite you to listen to a peaceful meditation called 'Water'. This comes from 'Dream Library Meditations', a new album by Healing Trust trustee Suzanne Askham which originally came about in Wiltshire UK, for members of The Intuition Group. Each of the seven meditations sprang from the amazing countryside around the studio where the group meets. Original background music was created by Jules Addison.

Members of The Intuition Group use nature as an oracle to mirror their own hidden wisdom and insights. 'Water' is especially effective if listened to at a time when you can deeply relax, such as at the end of a busy day. You can find out more at suzanneaskham.com

You can download this file here

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