05 May 2018

Healing meditations: day six

by editor-admin

Welcome to the sixth day of Healing Awareness Week, in which we offer free guided meditations created by members of The Healing Trust.

Today, we focus on a Healing Trust member, Amanda Jackson-Russell, who has incorporated healing approaches into her hypnotherapy practice. In keeping with that modality, this is a longer meditation designed to revitalise body and mind.


Healing Meditation

This is a progressive body relaxation exercise by Amanda Jackson-Russell, in which huge waves of relaxation are visualised sweeping all cares and worries from your body.  Body and mind are visualised filling with golden healing light energy. The meditation lasts a generous 30 minutes. Amanda combines several modalities in her practice, including hypnotherapy, yoga and Emotional Freedom Technique.  You can find this and other meditation exercises at Amanda's website. 

You can download this file here


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