24 Aug 2018

Charles Stevens – A remarkable Healer

by Ben

Charles Stevens recently died aged 96

by Diana Bylett, Healing Trust Trustee, and Chair of Region 7

He had been a member of The Healing Trust for 64 years, and was our oldest Member. I had the privilege of interviewing him in 2014, as part of our Diamond Jubilee celebrations. During the war, Charles survived years of 'living hell.' Born a Polish Jew, he lost his family, friends, and his home. Charles experienced personal persecution from the Nazis, escaped to Russia, only to be detained in one of the notorious slave labour camps. When Germany invaded Russia, Winston Churchill managed to get 150,000 Polish prisoners released, to form the Free Polish army under British rule. At that time Charles weighed just 25 kilos. A long trek followed, across the Caspian sea, through to Iran, into Iraq heading for Lebanon, Palestine, South Africa and ultimately, England. U-boats attacked the ship but eventually it docked in Scotland. Charles enlisted in the British Army but before going into action, adopting an more English sounding name of 'Stevens' in case he was caught by the Germans. Once peace was declared, he once again found himself alone, in poor health and destitute.

In was his search for healing for himself because of old wounds, that led Charles to meet Harry Edwards. 'Harry Edwards told me, everything passes. To forget what was,' Charles says. 'He placed his hands on me and I began to heal.' Harry also told Charles he was a healer and would do a lot of good.

Charles always asked permission to be an instrument for healing power to flow to the chakras that need addressing. He believed implicitly that we comprise a body, mind and soul and when healing he would speak to a person's soul asking permission for healing to take place. He accepted that we are all mere instruments.

Many times he was asked how or why he survived. He replied 'I listened to my higher self.' 'Your higher self wants you to live, love and be happy.' Charles said. 'You need to listen to your higher self-or whatever you wish to call it. Always I replied that I listened to my higher self. Simply, the higher self loves you.' Over the years Charles touched the lives of many people, including my own. Charles made it his life's mission to be one of healing, forgiveness and compassion, He was an inspiration and will be sadly missed.

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