13 Mar 2018

Cardiff is a key city for animal healing

by editor-admin

Lucy Lofting, Animal Healing tutor and Healing Trust champion, writes, “We had a really good day at the Animal Healing Workshop in Cardiff and I hope achieved the brief to raise awareness of animal healing in Wales. Pleased to see representation from the Greyhound Rescue and Doctor Healing Network chair there.

“Cardiff has a brand new PDSA hospital and next year the opening of the newest Dogs Trust Rehoming centre, so is becoming a key city for animal welfare.”


  1. Dear Lucy-I live in the Lancashire area,could you advise a contact name you recommend to assist in helping me with healing animals .?many thanks

  2. Hi Paula, Glad to hear you are interested in taking the animal work further. I would suggest you look at the Healing Trust website, animal healing page which features several HT animal healers many of whom run courses in the UK. You might also contact your regional chair to see if Neil knows of animal specialist healers in the region. There is a new charity in Wakefield run by Sue Malcolm an accredited Animal Reiki Teacher, working to high professional standards. ‘Friends of Baxter Animal Care’ is a groundbreaking charity aiming to increase recognition of integrated care for vulnerable animals. It covers a number of complementary therapies with regular hands on work with animals in care and animal hospice work. I have mentioned you to Sue, so please do make contact with her through Friends of Baxter. They run a number of courses you might like which are advertised on Facebook. Good luck and maybe you will soon lead the charge for animal work in the Lancashire area. Warm wishes, Lucy.

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