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Jennifer Jones


We’re inviting all our members and registered supporters to write a short story to be published in the Spring ’21 issue of Spiritus, our membership magazine, on the theme of healing. There will also be a cash prize of £50, kindly donated by the healing circles of The Healing Trust in the USA.

Our judge will be Claire Gillman, editor of Kindred Spirit, the UK’s leading mind/body/spirit magazine. An experienced author, editor and writing coach, Claire has helped many aspiring writers to realise their dream of becoming a published author, and has enabled countless published writers to develop their craft in authentic and fulfilling directions.

Closing date: 17th December 2020

Theme: healing

Maximum word length: 800 words

Open to members and registered supporters of The Healing Trust only.

Become a supporter here.

For all membership enquiries, please contact us.


1 The competition is open to members and registered supporters of The Healing Trust only.

2 Entry is free. Each member or supporter may submit one entry only. It must be their own original work, and previously unpublished in any format or medium.

3 Entries must reach office@thehealingtrust.org.uk by email by 17th December 2020.

4 All entries must be in English. In your email please include your full name and postal address, plus your Healing Trust membership number or supporter number.

5 The maximum length of submissions is 800 words, not including the title. There is no minimum length. The subject must include the theme of healing. Writers are encouraged to set their narrative within the seasons of spring and summer but should not include a Christmas theme.

6 Entries will be read and shortlisted by two healer members who are also published authors. The winning entry will be selected by guest judge Claire Gillman, editor of Kindred Spirit Magazine.

7  Entries should be in a standard 12pt font and 1.5 spaced. Entries must be emailed as a Word document to office@thehealingtrust.org

8 No corrections or alterations can be made after receipt of an entry.

9 The winner will be notified by the office of The Healing Trust on or by 14thJanuary 2020 and will receive £50. The winning entry will be announced and published in the Spring 2021 issue of Spiritus.



by The Healing Trust Office


There's masses going on during this Healing Awareness Week. Here is a quick round up...

There will be something on Facebook Live EVERY day this week,  details will be posted on the Healing Trust Facebook page www.facebook.com/healingcharity.   These will be posted on Facebook Live too as well as being uploaded to the Healing Trust website www.thehealingtrust.org.uk.



Every day @ 9.55am

Join us on Facebook Live for 10am for a healing minute

& every night 8.00pm to 8:30pm



We are inviting healers from around the world to channel healing energies into our video “Collective pool of loving and healing light”, which you will find here at www.healingawarenessweek.org/the-big-heal


Other links to Absent Healing

White Eagle Lodge- ongoing absent healing https://www.whiteagle.org/personal-healing-request-form

 The College of Psychic Studies- Distant Healing Clinics on Mondays 2pm, Wednesdays 11.15am and Thursdays 7pm, each for around 20 minutes. Check out The College of Psychic StudiesFacebook

Holistic Energyhttps://www.holisticenergyassociation.com/distanthealing.html

The Healing Trusthttps://www.thehealingtrust.org.uk/contact-us/distant-healing

Bi –Aura Internationalhttps://www.bi-aura.com/remote-healing

Omnes Healing https://omneshealing.com

Northumbria Healershttp://northumbriahealers.co.uk/distant-healing

Key:  HEHS – Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary / UKH – UK Healers / SNU – Spiritualist’s National Union


Date: Time: Led by: Details:
Monday 4th May 10:15am HEHS & UKH Healing Awareness Week Kick-Off from virtual home of Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary. Launch of Sunflower Healing Garden.  Guest Speakers: Martin Thomas Chair of Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary.  Janet Howard Chair UK Healers, Angie Buxton-King Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust, Rebecca Brewster Trustee, The Healing Trust.

Zoom Event and Facebook Live.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85180309928

Meeting ID: 851 8030 9928

2:00pm HEHS A walk down memory Lane - Jean and Vincent Hill share memories of sanctuary with Harry Edwards

Facebook Live. Video on Website later.

7:00pm SNU An Audience with the SNU President which will have a healing theme especially for the week. Minister David Bruton, SNU President, and guests will be discussing healing, and inviting the audience to take part.

The open access session is free to join. Head over to our Zoom Meeting in time for the start here https://zoom.us/j/590830527

Tuesday 5th May 10:15am HEHS My Healing Journey as A Healer with Agnieszka Rynkowska (30 mins)

Facebook Live

2:00pm HEHS Can I be a healer? with Louise Breinholt
2:00pm UKH Lupton House Healers - Absent Healing Session

Facebook: Lupton House Health and Well being

4:00pm HEHS Short, Guided Medication with John Phillips(15 mins)

Facebook Live

Wednesday 6th May 10:15am HEHS Cygnus Café with Kerry Woodham (2 hrs)

Healing our physical and emotional wellbeing with traditional and 5 element acupuncture. An exploration of our emotions and what they are telling us.

Zoom Event

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87314259897

Meeting ID: 873 1425 9897

2:00pm HEHS A day in the life of a healer at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary with Gary

Facebook Live

Thursday 7th May



10:15am HEHS How Can Healing benefit Me? – Alan Moore

Facebook Live

2:00pm HEHS Full Guided Meditation with John Phillips (1hr)

Zoom Event and Facebook Live

Zoom Details:


Meeting ID: 885 8572 2984 Password: 013362

Friday 8th May 10:15am HEHS History of Harry Edwards with Rowena Taylor

Zoom Event and Facebook live.

6:30pm SNU SNU (UK) will be holding an open access public Healing Service, your opportunity to give and receive healing energy with a community of Spiritualists from around the world.

Join the service on Zoom here:  https://zoom.us/j/91132434298

Saturday 9th May 10:15am HEHS My Journey as a Healer with Bev Klee (30 mins)

Facebook Live

2:00pm HEHS Animal Healing with Val Chandler

Zoom Event and Facebook Live.

Sunday 10th May 2:00pm HEHS Sunday service and close of event with celebrant Linda Sewell and Doreen Chelton.

Zoom Event and Facebook Live.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87997858675Meeting ID: 879 9785 8675

7:00pm UKH UK Healers Absent Healing Session

Facebook Lupton House Health and Wellbeing

Zoom details to follow at Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary Facebook page and website.


Daily The College of Healing Lynette Fryer, one of our members, will be offering donation-based distant healing sessions to people all week during Healing Awareness Week. She will also be posting up little well-being tips daily.  https://www.facebook.com/lynettefryerwellbeingservices




by Janet Howard, Chair of UK Healers



Join us to send absent healing from home, every Sunday at 7 pm local time

UKH healers will be joining together every Sunday at 7pm to send healing to loved ones, our community, the world, mother earth and those working on the front line during this pandemic.

Absent/Distant Healing works, as does prayer on the principle that energy follows thought.

You may have your own method of absent healing or you may wish to follow the guidelines below.

• Ensure that you are unlikely to be disturbed by family and unplug the telephone or turn on the answer phone.

• Go to your allotted place for healing activities. (This may simply be a space in your home or garden where you have placed flowers or crystals and where discordant activities do not happen). The room should be quiet and as far as possible free from disturbances.

• The list of names should be available. A short period of silence should be observed, creating a sense of stillness. Following this a short prayer or affirmation should be said, asking that you may become a channel for true healing rays in order that healing may be directed to those in need.

• Sit quietly and become calm so that you can begin to attune to the Source of Healing. Tune in to your breath and use a cleansing breath technique to clear your auric space.

• Breathe in and release all negativity on the out breath until you feel clear and positive. Breathe in LOVE. Breathe out PEACE.

• Think of the body well grounded, peaceful and still. See light streaming to you from the Source of Healing, connecting you to it. Feel this light entering into the body joining with your own inner light and radiating from you. Focus on the heart centre and radiate light from it and feel the love grow. Know that as you draw from the source, your own light is growing into a much brighter light, maybe in the form of a fountain or bright candle.

• The name of each person on your list, if known, should be read out in turn, this should not be rushed. You will need to be concentrating the healing rays upon each patient for a few seconds.

• No specific outcome should be requested, but that the healing light should be sent which is right for the person in question at this time.

• We will then sit in stillness, love and healing for the remainder of the session.

• Towards the end of the session, see people returning to work well and happy send healing love and light to all including the animals and the planet.

• Spend a few minutes asking for healing for yourself

• Pay gratitude to the universe and mother earth for the loving energy.

• When you are finished, draw the healing light into yourself so that you may be in the best possible state in order to be able to help others. You will achieve this by centring back on the heart area. Take the consciousness to the feet and connect with the earth.

• Breathe deeply and bring the session to an end, ensure you’re grounding by rubbing the hands and knees and stretching.

• Have a drink of water, smile.

Thank you for joining us.


UK Healers is the largest voluntary self-regulating body for energy healers, spiritual healers and energy therapists in the UK. The Healing Trust is a committed member and supporter of all its work.

Photo by 李磊瑜伽 from Pixabay.


The Healing Trust was thrilled to have a stand at Mind Body Soul at Alexandra Palace recently. Over three days we gave healing to hundreds of individuals and shared information about our highly regarded courses with many more.



Our teams of healers helped people with a wide range of conditions and the energy at our stand was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere in at the show was very special and we hope to attend the venue again in the future.

Heartfelt thanks to our volunteers for all their contributions, and warmest wishes to all our visitors, old friends and new. Stay in touch!



The latest issue of Spiritus is out! Full of warming autumn energies, it explains how to become a healing tutor, how to run your own home-based healing practice, and how to connect with the healing wisdom of horses. There's also a fantastic conversation between two of Devon's best known healers, Matthew Manning and Jennifer Jones. Free to all members of The Healing Trust. We hope you enjoy it. 🙂

We are pleased as anything to announce that foremost research healer Sandy Edwards has agreed to become a Fellow of The Healing Trust. At our recent AGM in London, Chair Gillian Clark (left) presented Sandy with her certificate of Fellowship. Sandy can be seen holding her groundbreaking book, 'Healing in a Hospital: Scientific Evidence that Spiritual Healing Improves Health'. She co-organised one of the largest medical trials of healing in the world, conducted by a top UK university and hospital, and funded by the National Lottery. The story of how this came about makes riveting reading for all who are interested in holistic approaches to health care. Sandy gave an outstanding talk on the subject at our AGM, to a record audience of Healing Trust members. We look forward to hearing more from Sandy in the coming months.



by Sandra Willis

East Anglian Healing Trust members and guests recently enjoyed a day with Phillip Carr-Gomm.

In the morning Phillip shared his thoughts and experiences of the nature spirituality of Druidry which he was drawn to from a young age but more so as an adult. He spoke to us about the symbolic importance of animals and plants. Working in pairs we randomly picked an Animal Oracle card allowing our thought to connect to the animal on the card, which was an interesting experience.

We stopped for lunch which included an array of dishes kindly supplied by members giving us time to chat to new and old friends, as well as buy some books from Phillip.

After lunch Phillip shared with us a method he had learned, known as Sophrology, which can also help us with goals of leading a contented and fulfilled life. We tried some Sophrology exercises that can alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and help us sleep more deeply and think more clearly. All agreed that Sophrology was easy to learn and definitely relaxed our bodies in a short amount of time.

Anyone wishing to find out more visit www.sophrology.institute

Phillip was such an interesting person and a good speaker; everyone left the event feeling very uplifted.



by Dr Rosy Daniel, Integrative Medicine Consultant and Patron of The Healing Trust

The Healing Trust is a beacon of love and light for those in pain, fear and suffering. I am full of gratitude to the healers who uplift and transform the lives of so many people that are suffering. I have witnessed the immense power of spiritual healing on a member of my own family and for hundreds of my patients in their darkest hour. I urge you to join me in supporting The Healing Trust, to allow this vital loving work to continue and to grow the reach and impact of this outstanding organisation still further.

Dr Rosy Daniel offers holistic health services to promote health, well-being and quality of life for her clients at her clinic in Bath, UK and by Skype. You can find her here.


If you’re in Yorkshire any time soon, there’s a great opportunity to experience healing and meditation with renowned Fellow of The Healing Trust, Ruth Kaye. Regular group sessions take place at Chevin Country Park Hotel & Spa near Leeds, an idyllic venue which happens to be the UK’s largest log cabin, perched on the edge of a woodland lake.

Ruth also runs sessions at the Cairn Hotel, a wonderful Victorian establishment in Harrogate dating back to the days when people flocked to this quintessential spa town to take the waters. For dates and times, please email Ruth on ruth@cainer.com or visit her website at ruthkaye.net





Editor Suzanne Askham writes:

I was so happy to see the latest issue of Spiritus arrive in the post today, fresh from the printers. This magazine may be mini, but it’s packed with wisdom from a wonderful selection of healers. It is always a privilege to curate some of the huge amount of talent within The Healing Trust. We have many authors whose wisdom comes from their own life path, supported by The Healing Trust's in-depth training. Those paths may not always be easy, but they are always inspiring.

Newcomers to Spiritus sometimes ask how they can receive a copy. The answer is that this is a membership magazine. So you'd need to be a member, or a supporter of the Trust. However, recent issues of the magazine are freely available to view online, and we also share screenshots of articles on our blog and social media from time to time. Spiritus is published three times a year.


We're excited to share with you this peek at the forthcoming issue of Spiritus, our membership magazine. Members and supporters of The Healing Trust will be receiving their copies any day from 25th June – next Tuesday! The cover celebrates stone circles and midsummer celebrations – a great time for sunshine and wellbeing. The magazine itself is packed with articles dedicated to your healing journey including lots of news from fellow healers, and events to enrich your day.

This beautiful, relaxing meditation is by Healing Trust member Susie Walters.

You peer intensely through the keyhole to the view that is hidden from your eyes. Catching glimpses of colour and light wondering what is behind the door, you squint and bend on all fours to see it from another perspective and, eventually, you find the key lying on the floor.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eagerly and with anticipation you turn the lock and gently open the door. There in front of you is the most beautiful secret garden. A vast ray of colour and a heavy scent of roses arouse your senses as you walk amongst the stunning vista of golden marigolds which leads you further into the garden of your mind.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tentatively you walk upon the fresh fertile grass taking in every moment, you stop and listen to the gentle sound of a babbling brook. Silently you walk further into this wonderland of mother nature. To your left, you notice a Robin with its bright red breast in full song guiding you along a path that is now visible to you, and there you see it. A great big expanse of a golden cornfield, excitedly you run with delight letting out a cry of pleasure. Barefoot and feeling free, you smile to yourself. Your eyes then avert you to the cloudless sky, bright light blue with a hint of warmness. A flock of migrating birds soar high above you to the call of nature, bringing you back to your thoughts. The birds are saying to you, come its time to fly the nest and move in another direction. Suddenly a bright-winged bird flies right past you and beckons you further into the realms of your mind.

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

Deeper and deeper you go, to find the real you. Peace and light are always within you as your stride gets more prominent. The golden field is now an array with an abundance of bright red poppies. They dance and sway with the wind as you stand amongst them, reaching down you become immersed in this reality, feeling safe and nurtured you find a place to rest.

Drifting into a blissful sedative state, you become aware of how your light your body is feeling. The warmth of our brightest star shines radiance of light above your now relaxed body, giving you the energy to heal. You feel safe and cocooned in a gentle healing bath, that is so soothing to your whole body. As you drift in and out of consciousness, you become aware of a beautiful bright being of light that surrounds you in love and joy. They are with you helping you to heal and reminding you; you are never alone.

This is your time to heal, and I will now leave you there for a while, deeper and deeper you go sinking into yourself allowing the healing to flow freely to you.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The sweet sound of a nightingale brings your awareness back to the field of flowers. You stretch out and touch the vibrant poppies, you smile as you see a delicate field mouse running up its stem. Eyes now wide open you feel alert and ready to take on the world. From this place, you start to make your way back along the path, through the many fields of golden corn. You stop for a moment and breathe in this magical colour of wealth on all levels magnificent bold and bright. You are now feeling empowered to walk through the door with ease, glancing back to the wash of bright colours that dance upon your eyes. Closing the door behind you, knowing you can come back to this world whenever you wish, you feel blessed and at peace with yourself.

Through the keyhole of life, you find yourself, knowing that you are a bright being of love and light. You are enough.

Previously blogged by Susie

As part of Healing Awareness Week we are sharing a guided meditation straight out of the therapy room of Carole Thornton. This is aimed at helping to guide us through times when we need to make changes in life but are finding it difficult. It is both relaxing and restorative – soothing to listen to at bedtime, or any quiet time of day.

Carole is a highly skilled and qualified aromatherapist,  holistic healer,  NLP practitioner, intuitive counsellor and trainer with over 25 years experience in both the business sector and individual client personal development and holistic stress management.

As well as her therapeutic work Carole is also a director of a thriving and expanding IT business which makes her very aware of business pressures and health-related challenges.

Carole runs workshops and meditation groups from her home in Chelwood Gate near the beautiful Ashdown Forest. She is a member of the IFPA and The NFSH Healing Trust. You can find Carole here. 

We hope you enjoy Carole's meditation, with love and good wishes from all of us at The Healing Trust.




This week, from 6th to 12th May, is Healing Awareness Week. During this special week, healers from a whole range of training organisations across the UK and beyond come together to support the cause of healing and make sure that anyone who wishes to can benefit from it.

If you would like to train as a healer, or develop new skills or experience, this week will provide lots of opportunities to find out more.

If you would like to receive healing for yourself, this week will be the perfect time to find a healer. 

If you'd like to offer a donation to help fund more healers in hospitals, you can donate directly to the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust, which specialises in this service.

As the largest membership organisation of healers in the UK, we are committed to helping the cause of healing wherever it's needed. Share your requests and experiences of healing with us, and we'll do our best to spread the word about this gentle yet effective natural therapy. Because, as countless people can testify, whatever challenges come along in life, healing can make a difference.

by Pamela Carr

It may not be sexy or all-singing, all-dancing but a new leaflet available from The Healing Trust does seem to meet a need and has so far been well received and appreciated by both healers and clients.

For several years I’ve been linking up with The Healing Trust healers and student healers in the Manchester area to offer in-person healing sessions at Gorton Monastery’s monthly Healing Sundays. Over time I became aware of a wish to do more to support clients with their healing after/between their sessions. On busy days, with clients queuing for appointments, we often had limited time to verbally offer this kind of support. About five years ago the then Regional Chair helped me to create a first version of an information leaflet, which we copied and used for our local clients.

In summer 2018, aware of changes to The Healing Trust’s logo and the new location of The Healing Trust, I decided to review and overhaul the leaflet.  I also realised it might be of value more widely within the Trust.


The leaflet can empower clients to:

  • understand that healing need not be limited to receiving a session with a healer but that they can be partners in their own healing,
  • understand that all healing is actually self-healing, the body always working to rebalance, moment by moment,
  • access some simple skills and approaches they will feel encouraged and to use, to support their own healing journey.

The leaflet can be a useful resource for healers:

  • as a small, concise and clear leaflet to meet a specific need,
  • that can support and enhance healing sessions with clients,
  • and is downloadable, printable and photocopiable.

The updated version got an enthusiastic thumbs-up from fellow healers at Gorton, and then from THT Chair and Board members too. They suggested that the leaflet be made available at Central Office and to the Regions, for use by healers and centres. It can be updated as needed – I’m happy to hear from healers with any comments or suggestions.

‘After a Healing Session’ is a client information leaflet available for download from THT website here.

The A4 pdf document can be copied double-sided (choose colour/black and white), then cut in half to create 2 x A5 folded leaflets.

Pamela is a healer member of The Healing Trust, working in the Manchester area. 




Diana Bylett has recently been elected a Fellow of The Healing Trust – a very popular decision within the Charity. Diana has been an actively involved member of The Healing Trust for over 30 years. She is an outstanding healer, teacher and mentor. It is also fair to say that she was instrumental in healing the Trust itself at a critical moment in its history.

As Diana explains, "In 2016 the Charity faced a challenging moment needing new trustees. I was really concerned about the situation so I made it my task to rapidly recruit new trustees to form a Board in order to carry the Charity forward." 

Since being elected as a Trustee in 2016 Diana has taken on the task and responsibility for ensuring the national website was completed and launched. In addition she took on the role of being a joint National Training Officer, with Pam Lyons, which has involved the revision and updating of the Charity’s four-part training programme, as well as successfully introducing incentives to attract new tutors and increase membership in the UK and overseas.

Over the years Diana has been instrumental in supporting and actively rallying members to join together to ensure The Healing Trust continues to occupy its lead position in the field of spiritual healing.

Diana's response to being made a Fellow of the Trust?  'Stunned but delighted.'

by Matthew Manning

People tend to assume that the loss of a parent is more traumatic for a young child, and neglect to support adults experiencing it. But the reality is virtually everyone will experience losing a parent, and unfortunately, dealing with the grief is not often discussed or researched.

The result is that when the tragedy happens, the sufferer might feel detached and alone in their mourning. If their grief continues for a long time, their loved ones can become impatient, wishing the mourner would ‘get over it,’ oblivious to the deep impact of losing a parent at any age.

Studies have proven parental loss can have negative outcomes, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Of course, everyone experiences loss differently, and the effects can vary depending on the individuals:

* past experiences * coping mechanisms * relationship with the parent * environment and culture * the circumstances of the death

A 1970 cohort study examined over 11,000 participants to test the long-term effects of a parent’s death in childhood on adult life. They compared orphans, children from divorced or unstable families, and children who lived with two, healthy parents.

By age 30, the orphans had greater unemployment rates - and even those who were employed worked in unskilled positions - than the other groups. They also had a higher rate of smoking cigarettes, along with symptoms of chronic depression, and a feeling that ‘they will never get what they want out of life.’

Another study was conducted to focus on the perspective and experience of the child. Through written entries or lengthy interviews, 37 participants aged 20–80 related their stories.

The research found that in cases where the child lacked open communication, support, or stability in daily life during the mourning period, the long-term emotional damage was worsened. The effects of a death can last as long as 71 years, depending on the management of the grief. Proper support, communication, consistency in life can minimise the suffering.

Gender may also be a factor in how a person experiences loss. A survey including 8,865 adults found that sons take the death of their fathers harder, while girls struggle more from the death of their mothers.

In a 2003 study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry, researchers saw that three regions of the brain are involved in processing grief: the posterior cingulate cortex, frontal cortex, and cerebellum. What was significant was that those parts of the brain also help to regulate human sleep and appetite. This may explain why grieving individuals experience “headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, tightness in the chest too much sleep, too little sleep, overeating, or lack of appetite.”

Another study in 2008 from the Journal of Clinical Oncology found a startling link between unresolved grief and health conditions such as immune disorders, hypertension, cardiac events, and cancer. Compared to parents who had worked through their grief after losing a mother and/or father, “parents with unresolved grief reported significantly worsening psychological health… and physical health.”

To understand the process of grieving the loss of a parent, it helps to be familiar with the conventional five stages of grief:

1. Denial – The sufferers are numbed and disbelieving of the situation. 2. Anger – They blame others for their grief, and may act violently. 3. Bargaining – They “negotiate with higher powers” to bring back loved ones. 4. Depression – They feel overwhelming sadness, and no desire to socialise. 5. Acceptance – They come to terms with their grief and begin to move forward.

People experience these phases in different orders and can skip or repeat some. It’s important to be aware of regular symptoms of grief; a prolonged grief disorder (PGD) is when the expected symptoms of grief continue for months after the death, and the patient has lost motivation and the ability to carry on with normal life.

If you have lost a parent, treat yourself with patience. Even if your loss happened years ago, remember to value your feelings – they are real. You can help to support your healing by considering some of these approaches:

* Interventions – Sometimes a sufferer won’t even consider treatment. Relatives and friends should make an effort to support the person and suggest help. The mourner is likely to refuse and rationalize the prolonged mourning. A professional therapist can assist in mediating an intervention.

* Grief Counseling – This method addresses the emotions surrounding loss, and allows the patient to express them through role playing, trauma therapy, and cognitive behaviour therapy.

* Support Groups – Group therapy is a good way to communicate and share the painful experience and to form meaningful relationships.

* Medication – For patients who suffer from clinical depression alongside grief, antidepressants may be helpful if prescribed by a doctor.

* Socialise – Connecting with loved ones is healing for mourners; other people can be a listening ear or bring joy and comfort to them.

* Self–care – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can significantly diminish the urge begin unhealthy behaviors, like overeating, depression, and substance addiction. Remember to eat healthily, relax, meditate, and sleep 7-8 hours every night.

* Spiritual Healing – For many people, turning to their faith and traditions can be therapeutic and comforting in a time of pain.

Matthew Manning is a foremost healer, a Patron of The Healing Trust, and a spokesperson for healing in the UK. You can follow Matthew's informative and inspiring posts on Facebook @matthewmanningukhealer


This blessing for healers appears in the latest issue of Spiritus. It's totally for sharing. We accept and respect that healing happens in countless different ways, and goes by many names. To each and every healer on this planet who works for the highest good, we salute you. You are doing wonderful work.

Today we continue our occasional series of guest posts by healer members of The Healing Trust. Isabella Clarence is author of 'Different? You Have Always Been Different' which recounts her journey from MS patient to a thriving healer with her own private practice. 

By Isabella Clarence


It’s amazing how a few simple words can mean so much. I had a patient yesterday who was feeling very despondent because she was in so much pain and she didn’t know which of her ailments were causing it. ​This lady has arthritis, fibromyalgia and ME so she has her fair share of problems to cause her pain in so many places. In fact she said the only places that weren't hurting were her elbows. At the end of her treatment I could see by her face that she was much more relaxed and at peace with herself. As a healer we all want to help people to the best of our ability, knowing of course that actually it’s not us that does anything, we are all just the instruments. The wonderful healing energy that fills the Universe is there for everyone to use if we are willing and it’s very important for all of us as healers to remember that we on our own can do nothing. But with love in our hearts and a willingness and the patience to want to help, it’s amazing what can be done. And yesterday for me in its own very simple way, was no exception. I asked her how she was feeling when her treatment was over and she smiled up at me from my healing couch and said. “I feel all smiley. I feel all filled up with smiles.” What a lovely way for her to be feeling, and of course her words put a smile on my face and in my heart. There was no need for me to ask her if she was out of pain, that actually didn’t matter because she was all filled up with smiles. What an amazing job I have, being able to put a smile on someone’s tired face may seem a very simple thing to do, it is, but that doesn’t stop it from being very special. On the days I’m working as a healer my heart is filled with love and a wonderfull kind of magic and I’m often given smiles. Wow, thank you to the Universe for reminding me. Blessings always.

Photo with thanks to Christian Newman/Unsplash

The Healing Trust's AGM will take place at The Wesley Euston Hotel and Conference venue at 14.30 on Saturday 29th September.

If you're a member of The Healing Trust, you are warmly invited to attend. The Trust is made up entirely of its members. It's up to all of us to decide the best steps to move it forwards. Listen to what the Board has been doing on your behalf. Vote on important issues. Meet fellow healers. Join us and help to create a bright future for healers and their clients.

You will need to bring your Healing Trust membership card to gain entry.  More information from office@www.thehealingtrust.org.uk or ring 01604 603247 Monday to Thursday, 10.00 – 16.00

In the second of Matthew Manning's social media posts, he calls for new discussion and action for the future of healing, bearing in mind – to put it simply – that healing is healing is healing. He says "Ultimately, healing is about empathy, compassion, care, understanding, energies, an open heart and good listening skills." He adds that we need to use non-esoteric language that is acceptable in medical and hospice settings. At The Healing Trust we are the sum of our members. Our members run the Trust. So we are always very open to hearing what all our members wish to say. If you are drawn to, please do share your views on this important subject. And remember there'll be a fantastic opportunity to join in and move the discussion forward at The Healing Trust AGM in London on 29th September. This article originally appeared on Matthew Mannings Facebook page on 19th August 2018.

A guest post by Matthew Manning

I was really surprised at the enormous response to my post on Thursday about an online four-hour course resulting in certification as a reiki healer. It has now been read by 6,500 people and has had almost 200 comments from you.

I've tried to respond to everyone who left a comment. As I read them I realised that some very important and valuable suggestions have been made. To keep the debate open I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you.

Healing is my life and passion and has been for 40 years. I'm completely dedicated to it. However, I feel that changes are needed to put healing generally into a position of greater respect and recognition in the coming decades long after I'm gone. My comments may ruffle some feathers but that's a small price to pay for progress!

I work quite closely with a number of doctors and consultants - if you've been a patient of mine you'll know that I use a loose healer/doctor network that I've developed over the years. Sometimes my success has less to do with my healing and much more to do with getting my patient to the right consultant!

As I wrote in my original post, I've never used any label to describe myself - other than 'healer'. I believe this has helped me gain the trust and confidence of many of the wonderful doctors I cooperate with. I'm not bound by describing myself as a 'spiritual' healer, or a 'reiki' healer (which I'm not).

So here are a few ideas I'm pondering for our future as healers:

* Whatever labels we choose to describe our work, is there a case for dropping them? We are all using the same energy even if we have different frameworks of belief or understanding of it. At end of life, possibly in a hospice, people are much more likely to reflect spiritually. At the moment a 'spiritual' healer cannot help them (because of that very word) yet a reiki healer can. Hospitals and hospices don't seem to accept the 'spiritual'.

* I feel that healing is a great deal simpler and more straightforward than many of the different organisations teach. I'm honoured to be a patron of The Healing Trust but I believe this applies as much to some of their training as it does to reiki. Perhaps some of the more esoteric teachings should be dropped. I'm certainly not convinced they are relevant. Healers wanting establishment recognition need to be able to communicate their therapy in simple easy to understand language, using words that make a bridge to the hospital or hospice. Ultimately, healing is about empathy, compassion, care, understanding, energies, an open heart and good listening skills.


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This week Matthew Manning, a patron of The Healing Trust, wrote a Facebook post about the dangers of poorly trained reiki practitioners working with ill and vulnerable people. We would not criticise reiki as a modality in its own right – and nor has Matthew. But it's clear from the overwhelming online support for Matthew's post that inadequate reiki training poses a risk. That's why at The Healing Trust we insist on a minimum of two years with numerous face-to-face tutor and mentor sessions before students reach healer status. We are sharing Matthew's post here – and we welcome your opinions on this important subject.

A guest post by Matthew Manning

In order to try to understand something of which we have little knowledge, the use of labels seems to help. I have worked as a professional healer for 40 years and in the early days I was frequently asked what kind of healer I was.

Faith healer, spiritual healer, Christian, crystal, colour, mental - the list was endless although 'faith healer' seemed the most commonly understood.

Working in America in the early 1980s I began to hear of a new healing model - reiki - that had originated in Japan. By the time I was in Australia in the early 90s it was all the rage even though it hadn't fully reached Britain. But that was all about to change.

It became enormously popular here very rapidly. This may have been because the courses were so much shorter than other established healer training courses such as those offered by The National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), now known as The Healing Trust. It was easy and quick to obtain a certificate stating you were a 'reiki healer'.

Today if I tell someone that I'm a healer, the response is almost always, 'Do you mean a reiki healer?'

I'm not criticising reiki as a healing model as I believe that all healing, however it is labelled, is essentially the same. But I have increasing reservations about the way in which it is being marketed and presented.

This morning a slick video appeared on my Facebook feed inviting me to: 'Discover the power of Reiki to heal emotional, physical and energetic imbalances in yourself and others in this bestselling course with over 57,052 students!

'You'll learn how to perform Reiki sessions, administer attunements, heal unwanted patterns and much more."

All this for just 4 hours of online video content - and you've got a certificate saying that you're a qualified reiki healer! I probably wouldn't have so much of an issue with this if the word 'healer' was replaced with 'practitioner'.

And here is the problem. I recently met at a lady who is a very experienced healer of 40 years and originally trained with the NFSH. She was unable to work (unpaid) in a local hospice as they only accepted reiki practitioners. In a possibly emotionally-charged environment that needs sensitivity a dying person and their loved ones could find the 'healer' permitted to work with them has very limited experience.

Another healer, recently qualified after a long course with The Healing Trust, told me that one of her clients "went over to her Reiki hairdresser who charged nearly double because she claimed to cleanse the air!"

I've also heard a reiki practitioner claim that reiki is the only 'powerful' form of healing whilst spiritual healing works only on babies and the elderly!

Training as a healer involves so much more than many people appreciate. It's also learning about compassion, empathy, understanding, humility and service, opening your heart, human physiology, medical treatments - and probably humour too - all in absence of ego. It's not something learned or gained after a 4 hour or 24 hour course - especially if it's online. If you intervene in someone else's health, you are taking on a huge responsibility.

I'm increasingly concerned at peculiar claims made by some inexperienced reiki practitioners, whilst highly experienced and trained healers are being denied access to work with people who are in real need.

You may have trained and qualified as a reiki practitioner, but if you or a loved one was extremely ill, would you feel comfortable being treated by someone with very limited training even though they have a certificate?

I'd be interested to hear your views.

Researchers in the US have been measuring the impact of stored or recorded energy healing on breast cancer cells in vitro. As part of the experiment, the healers were not physically near the cancer cells. Instead, they practised a previously researched, specific healing method on short lengths of cotton wool. Electromagnetic recordings of healers in action were also taken. The cotton and the recordings were then taken to the cancer cells, and their effects were then measured.

The researchers found that a significant number of the cancer cells underwent genetic changes when subjected to the energetically charged cotton and the electromagnetic recordings.  Two genes in particular were identified as being reduced in their expression for a period following the healing.

The findings are of interest for several reasons. First, they add to the growing weight of evidence that the act of healing can affect cancer cells. Second, intriguingly, they provide evidence that the healing can be delivered through different means – that the healer does not need to be present.

At The Healing Trust we practise both hands-on and distant healing. The use of materials to deliver the healing, as described in this study, brings different considerations into play. The ultimate aim of the US research is to develop an easily deliverable method of healing. That brings us to the third reason why this research is of interest: do our healer members have their own experiences of healing being imparted through physical objects, including perhaps items such as clothing, crystals, food and drink? And if so, is this common or otherwise? If you have such an experience to share, we'd love to hear about it.


Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

Today the NHS is 70 years old. Happy Birthday NHS! Thank you for all the incredible, compassionate, skilled, free health care you have offered to every person, family, neighbourhood and region of the UK since 1948. We appreciate you, and all the countless stars who help to make you what you are.

Dear NHS, it's a little-known fact that you and The Healing Trust go back a long way. We were founded six years after you, in 1954. In those days we were called the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, or NFSH for short. From the beginning, there were doctors and nurses within the NHS who valued the way we could help patients to feel better, improving symptoms and encouraging relaxation. Our historian, Charlie Kennedy, has been looking through the archives.

Thanks to Charlie we know that in 1959, healers were given permission to work in hospitals. This is how that came about. Gordon Turner, Chairman of the NFSH, proposed "to contact hospitals to get assent that patients desiring the help of a healer should have it". Within seven months, 276 hospital authorities with 1,743 hospitals agreed, provided the doctor in charge had prior knowledge. By January 1960, four more hospital boards had also given their permission for NFSH healers to attend the sick in their hospitals.

And do you know, there have, as far as we can tell, always been healers working in hospitals since that time.  One notable example is Ruth Kaye, Fellow of The Healing Trust. Ruth began with the Healing Trust in the 1980s. In 1991 she was invited into the NHS as a volunteer Natural Healer. In 2006 she became a staff member... and she's still working within the NHS at the age of 82.

Another notable example is healer Sandy Edwards, who instigated a controlled medical study to evaluate the effectiveness of spiritual healing provided by Healing Trust members. The research was led by the University of Birmingham, and revealed excellent results. Following the academic publication, Sandy has written and published a highly readable book on the subject, called 'Healing in a Hospital'.

Dear NHS, we have always supported you and the wonderful work that you do, and we will always continue to support you. Enjoy your celebrations. You absolutely deserve them.


We're happy to announce that we've been recognised as one of the UK's top ten healing blogs and websites, by RSS reader Feedspot. We're especially pleased as our blog only began life last month (although The Healing Trust itself was founded back in the 1950s). We're grateful to our talented members who have been sharing meditations, personal stories and insights since we first started posting a few weeks ago. Thank you all, and please keep sharing.

You can read the list of the UK's top ten healing blogs and websites here. Each blog has life-enhancing insights to offer. Enjoy!

We wish you a happy Solstice, which this year takes places on 21st June. Whether you are with us in the summer half of the planet, or happen to be in the winter hemisphere, this is a good time to celebrate the sun in our lives.  Here is a sun visualisation for you. It's good to do on the longest day of the year, or the shortest, or anywhere in between. It's adapted from  an exercise from 'Sacred Healing' by Jack and Jan Angelo, both wonderful healers and tutors with the NFSH, as The Healing Trust used to be known.

Sit comfortably, outdoors or in, and feel your connection with the earth, the air, and all aspects of this planet. Understand that you are a part of the landscape as much as the trees, birds, hills, rivers and breezes. Give thanks for your life and the lives of all living beings.

Turn the palms of your hands upwards, so that they are shallow vessels holding air. Now imagine the sun in all its power, light, and glory. As you breathe in, picture, or sense, the life force in the air streaming into your body – through the crown of your head, and through the palms of your hands.

As you breathe out, picture, or sense, the life force in the air moving powerfully into each part of your body and your surrounding energy field. Feel every aspect of yourself become warm and radiant with the sun's energy. Sense the life force fill your energy field, harmonising and balancing the energies within it.

Stay for a few moments in your state of harmony and alertness.

Relax. As you end the exercise, feel yourself return to ordinary reality: recharged, energised, grounded and safe.

Do you have a favourite sun visualisation? We'd love to hear about it.



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