27 Sep 2019

Animal oracle talk

by editor-admin


by Sandra Willis

East Anglian Healing Trust members and guests recently enjoyed a day with Phillip Carr-Gomm.

In the morning Phillip shared his thoughts and experiences of the nature spirituality of Druidry which he was drawn to from a young age but more so as an adult. He spoke to us about the symbolic importance of animals and plants. Working in pairs we randomly picked an Animal Oracle card allowing our thought to connect to the animal on the card, which was an interesting experience.

We stopped for lunch which included an array of dishes kindly supplied by members giving us time to chat to new and old friends, as well as buy some books from Phillip.

After lunch Phillip shared with us a method he had learned, known as Sophrology, which can also help us with goals of leading a contented and fulfilled life. We tried some Sophrology exercises that can alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and help us sleep more deeply and think more clearly. All agreed that Sophrology was easy to learn and definitely relaxed our bodies in a short amount of time.

Anyone wishing to find out more visit www.sophrology.institute

Phillip was such an interesting person and a good speaker; everyone left the event feeling very uplifted.


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