25 Jun 2019

This new issue of Spiritus is brimful of healing talent

by editor-admin


Editor Suzanne Askham writes:

I was so happy to see the latest issue of Spiritus arrive in the post today, fresh from the printers. This magazine may be mini, but it’s packed with wisdom from a wonderful selection of healers. It is always a privilege to curate some of the huge amount of talent within The Healing Trust. We have many authors whose wisdom comes from their own life path, supported by The Healing Trust's in-depth training. Those paths may not always be easy, but they are always inspiring.

Newcomers to Spiritus sometimes ask how they can receive a copy. The answer is that this is a membership magazine. So you'd need to be a member, or a supporter of the Trust. However, recent issues of the magazine are freely available to view online, and we also share screenshots of articles on our blog and social media from time to time. Spiritus is published three times a year.

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