Patrick Walter


01727 843337


07889 021240

Patrick Walter has worked privately as a Healer in differing places and ways since the early 1990s, alongside his work as a musician. He has also taught in a variety of contexts, mostly working with adults. He continues to teach singing and formerly also worked as a holistic massage therapist.

Spirituality and our spiritual development as Healers is at the core of Patrick’s interests, along with meditation, clearing and blessing spaces and situations, and working with clients who are approaching the end of life.

He runs the St Albans Healers Development Group to which all Healers and student Healers are welcome. This usually happens on the 2nd Sunday of each month 14.00 - 17.00: please contact him directly for details.

Patrick lives in the country and enjoys gardening, hen-keeping and his two English Pointer dogs!