Lea Brodie


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Lea Brodie has been a Spiritual Healer for many years with both parents being Healers and Fellows of The Healing Trust. She has worked in Healing Centres, Hospices, Hospitals, the Mental Health sector and Colleges and has taken many active roles in The Healing Trust including 9 years on the Board of Trustees. Her qualifications include Aromatherapy and Reiki and she has a particular interest in Self Healing and Meditation. She holds weekly student support groups, runs workshops and is a retreat facilitator of many years' experience. She finds tutoring deeply fulfilling and aims to make the course both accessible and enlightening.

Lea Brodie's Courses, Workshops & Other Events

Event Start Date Location
Part 1 13 Jan 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Part 2 03 Feb 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Part 1 12 May 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Parts 1 & 2 Combined 12 May 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Part 2 19 May 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Part 3 01 Jul 2018 Cobham, Surrey
Part 4 23 Sep 2018 Cobham, Surrey