Fundamental Healing

At the end of November 2008, I suddenly suffered severe lower back pain and I was referred to a spinal specialist in Colchester. Following an MRI scan it was established that I was suffering from an "Axial Spinal Stenosis" between the L2/L3 and L3/L4 vertebrae. This was established early in 2009 and the only cure offered was "decompression" of the spine in that area and the fitting of a "Wallis" device.

My Experience with Distant Healing

I would like to share my experience of distance healing performed by Vasanthi for me when I was In hospital having chemotherapy and an autologus stem-cell transplant.

I have Multiple Myeloma a form of cancer of the bone marrow. The treatment for this is chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant.

Baby Cleo Jay

Baby Cleo was born on 11th January 2010, 10 weeks premature. Was admitted to the neonatal unit for investigations, monitoring, and care.

A birth defect named PDA was identified on 21st January and the baby was showing signs of distress. The cardiac duct had a significant opening of 2.8mm and the BNP (a chemical which is produced by cardiac muscle) was very high at 1000. The atrium was also twice the size it should have been. The doctors put Cleo on the list for surgery at Great Ormand Street hospital.

John Beaumont

Ailments / Conditions (all diagnosed):

  • Asthma since birth
  • Eczema since birth
  • 1997 / 1998 Depression and Heart Condition
After diagnosis of these conditions I commenced spiritual healing, at first I was sceptical but felt that I was with a person who would do her best. After Healing sessions I experienced the following:
  • Peace of mind and positive thoughts
  • Feelings of peace and clearness of thinking
These all increased as time passed and more treatment.

Statement of Healing

In April 2002 1 was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer, I had a 6cm tumour attached to my pectoral muscle which was 1/2cm off my chest wall and the cancer had spread to nine out of 17 of my lymph nodes.

My prognosis wasn't good at all. My mother had died two years earlier of breast cancer that had spread to her brain.

Steven and his Fingers

My friend came to me for healing regularly but never mentioned it to her husband because she was certain that Steve would ridicule her. She could just imagine him laughing "What rubbish!" and, "You must be stupid!" Even though she doubted the possibility that healing could help (and still seems to!), she witnessed undeniable improvements within herself and throughout her family - and continues to do so, as she still comes along every month.

Marie Withers on having Healing in Hospital

Marie Withers talks about how having Healing in hospital helped her cope with cancer.

Coral Gardiner on the Benefits of Healing

Coral Gardiner, PhD, talks about the benefits of introducing Healing for the staff at her school.