Dr Singh Acknowledges the Benefits of Healing

Dr Singh talks about referring patients to a Healer and the benefits they receive from Healing.

Sandy Edwards talks about Healing

Sandy Edwards, a Healing Trust Healer, talks about patients' reactions to the Healing they receive.

Carol Waite - Healer in an NHS Oncology Department

Carol Waite, a Healing Trust Healer, talks about her experiences volunteering at the oncology department of an NHS hospital.

Dr Glaholm's Endorsement of Healing in the NHS

Dr Glaholm, Consultant Oncologist at a hospital in Birmingham, talks about the benefits of Healing and explains why he thinks it should be supported by the NHS.

Hospital Audit of 192 Patients

These are the results after 192 people (the vast majority being gastroenterology outpatients) received a single 20 minute Healing session at a Birmingham General Hospital.

Ruth Kaye at St James University Hospital, Leeds

Ruth Kaye has been a practising Healer member (registered with us since 1984), employed as a Natural Healer by The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust since 1991.

Hospital Audit of 75 Patients

Please Note: The raw data in this study has been inspected by a Russell Group University as well as a Primary Care Trust and subsequently research funding has been awarded.

Access to primary sources can be obtained by any serious enquirer upon request to Sandy Edwards (please view the end of this article for her contact details).

The graphs that follow show the results from the first 75 people seen.