Region 12

Healing Development Group

All welcome. £4 per evening.


Irene Walton


01389 381411

Aberdeen Healers' Group

All Healing Trust members are invited to come along and join for us in receiving and practicing healing, discussion and a cuppa.

Please leave a message at the Centre on 01224 591700, to confirm the next date or for further details.


Aberdeen Healing Centre


01224 591700

Region 12

Region 12 covers Scotland.

Christina Mark

The healing work that Christina undertakes has 3 aspects: treating, training and writing. She has been treating patients for 12 years and has learned above all else the importance of listening to the words that are spoken, by both the patient and by herself, to the movements of energy and to the information they give her during the act of healing. She has been tutoring students for the last 3 years, and has come to understand that every person has a unique perspective and experience of life and that the role of the tutor is to facilitate and support each student in the process of finding their own individual connection to the work of healing and their own integrity within that. Writing has shown Christina the importance of patience, the necessity to ask permission, to wait for inspiration, to listen clearly to the thoughts as they arise and to give thanks for the whole process: which is a clear mirror to the act of healing itself. Christina is also a Registered General Nurse.


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