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It is essential that we co-ordinate the responses we make to the media to ensure that we receive positive exposure and retain our professional reputation.

As a general rule, please remember to mention in any media response that you are part of the largest Healing charity in the United Kingdom and that we have been established since 1954 with in excess of 2500 members.

Although the charity does not have any control over what is eventually printed, we should insist that any media article includes contact details for the charity as follows:

If you are asked to supply photographic images to be published within an article, please contact Central Office at

Below you will find a full complement of FAQs and further information, which should answer most questions about Healing posed by journalists, editors and other media personnel. More information is available on the website, including press releases, testimonials, case studies, research and articles.

If you are ever in doubt regarding what to say or write, please do not hesitate to email or telephone me at Central Office for advice. Additionally, if you come across any article/programme that you feel we should follow up as a media opportunity, please do tell us.

Finally, please let us know if you feel that certain important information is missing from this document at

Frequently Asked Questions about Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

  • Spiritual Healing is recognised as a complementary therapy. It involves the transfer of natural energy through the Healer to the recipient.
  • It promotes self-healing by relaxing the body, releasing tensions and re-energising the body's own immune system.
  • Healing is very gentle and non-invasive, there's no physical manipulation or massage involved, only light touch is used.

What's Spiritual about it?

  • Spiritual Healing is about treating the whole person. It energises body, mind and spirit and so its positive effects can be felt on many levels, not just the physical.
  • 'Spiritual' in this context relates to spiritus – the life force energy and breath that is within us all.

Where does this 'energy' come from?

  • Healing energy is all around us. In essence it is 'universal' - part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good. Healers learn to use their ability to tap into this natural energy and pass it on.
  • Depending on their individual beliefs some Healers and recipients see the energy as divine; it is often visualised as simply 'love and light.'

Isn't it Faith Healing?

  • No. Spiritual Healing is not Faith Healing. The term 'Faith Healing' implies that the recipient needs to believe in a deity and that that deity is the source of Healing.
  • NFSH Healing is not associated with any particular religion –ism or -ology. Faith by the patient is not required and healing can help people regardless of their religious beliefs or expectations.

Does it work?

  • Yes. People who receive Healing often experience profound emotional, spiritual and physical benefits. Reported benefits include pain relief and an uplift in physical well-being, emotions and attitude.
  • Healers can never promise a particular outcome but it is unusual for Healing not to be helpful in some way. Often symptoms of ill health or dis-ease show improvement either at once or over time, and sometimes the improvement can be significant.
  • Spiritual Healing does not necessarily lead to a return to good health, but often brings calmness and peace of mind to the recipient. Some of the most valuable work that Healers do is with the terminally ill whose passage from this life can be made easier and more peaceful with Healing.

How many Healers are there in the UK?

  • Some 5,000 Healers are registered with reputable organisations that collaborate under the name UK Healers to ensure high standards for Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Healers.
  • NFSH The Healing Trust was one of four organisations responsible for forming UK Healers.

Where is Healing available?

  • Many Healers work privately and can be contacted through our Referral Register (Tel: 01604 603247) or accessed via our website
  • Healing is also available at NFSH The Healing Trust Centres – there are over 55 in the UK. Often Healing is available on a donation-only basis.
  • Healing is becoming more readily available in hospitals, hospices and in some GP surgeries.

What happens when someone receives Healing?

  • Healing is usually given in response to an invitation and is either given in the presence of the recipient/patient (Contact Healing) or sent from a distance (Distant Healing.)
  • The patient normally sits on a chair or lies on a couch. The Healer will work around the recipient. As long as the person is comfortable then hands may be placed on some parts of the body, usually the shoulders and the feet. Most of the time the Healer works slightly off the body, working within the energy field or 'aura' of the recipient.
  • Most sessions last about half-an-hour, giving the recipient time to enjoy an oasis of peace. Many continue to feel relaxed and calm for sometime afterwards. A Healing session is usually followed by a glass of water and/or a cup of tea and some time to talk about the experience, if the patient finds that helpful.

Additional Information

About our Healers

  • Everybody has the ability to tap into and use Healing energy to benefit others and people from all walks of life train to use this ability and become Spiritual Healers.
  • Healers who belong to NFSH The Healing Trust complete a two-year comprehensive programme of training, practise and development as Student Members before they are eligible to be considered for Healer Membership.
  • Our members are bound by a Code of Conduct which sets standards for practising Healer members and which acts as a reference on those standards for the public.
  • The Healing Trust healers do not diagnose or promise a cure. They should not countermand instruction or any treatments prescribed by a doctor.
  • All our Healers are insured for the protection of the public.
  • All our Healers have to pay membership fees that include their insurance cover. They also often have ongoing training and development costs to meet so a donation towards these costs may be welcome even if the Healer does not make a charge.

About The Healing Trust

  • The Healing Trust is the largest Spiritual Healer membership organisation in the UK. It is a registered charity (number 1094702) established to promote public health by the promotion of Spiritual Healing for the benefit of the public.
  • The Healing Trust has 2500 members who are either qualified Healer Members or Student Members (Healers in training); some are Associate Members (Medical Practitioners who are not practising Spiritual Healers but support our work).
  • NFSH The Healing Trust was established during 1954. Harry Edwards, probably the most well-known and significant Healer of his generation became the first NFSH member and later President of NFSH.
  • The charity provides opportunities for members of the public to receive Spiritual Healing through its UK Referral Service (01604 60324), at NFSH The Healing Trust Centres, at Exhibitions, and through NHS support services.
  • The Healing Trust develops and sets standards for Healers which our members must meet and in conjunction with other organisations has set standards to be met by Healers in a large number of different Healing organisations. In recent years the training courses have been revised in line with the NFSH commitment to raise standards for the protection of the public.
  • The Healing Trust is funded from subscriptions by its members but also welcomes donations from members of the public who benefit from Spiritual Healing and appreciates the support of the public as 'Friends of NFSH.'

Healing and the NHS

  • Doctors are permitted to refer patients for Spiritual Healing if they wish to do so. NFSH healers may also attend hospital in-patients who request their services.
  • There are two NFSH The Healing Trust members known to be working as Healers in NHS hospitals who are paid by the NHS. Others work with GPs and in hospices and cancer centres, some are paid, most work on a voluntary basis.
  • Several NFSH The Healing Trust members are also part of the Doctor-Healer Network in the UK.


  • A number of studies have shown that Healing does work and has been proved to benefit seeds, plants and animals, as well as humans. Out of 191 randomized controlled studies of Healing, 124 show significant effects. Dr Daniel J. Benor has collated extensive research into Healing. His findings are available on:
  • NFSH welcomes research into Spiritual Healing. In October 2010 NFSH The Healing Trust was successful in obtaining £205,000 lottery funding for research into our Healing.

If you have any questions or require further information please send an email to