Becoming a Member of The Healing Trust

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Lapsed Student & Healer Members

If you have been a Student or Healer Member and have been out of membership for less than 6 years you are welcome to rejoin at any time. Simply contact Central Office to renew your membership. Evidence of courses attended or of Full Membership, will be required.

If you have been a Student and have been out of membership for over 6 years you may rejoin and if you were part way through your courses just continue them. However, check with the course tutor: depending on the number of years since you were a member, you may need to do a refresher course. If you previously completed all your courses you can progress to a Membership Panel but you will need a mentor for a minimum of 6 months and you are advised to seek advice about whether you need to attend a refresher course. You wouldn’t want to fail your Panel!

If your courses were prior to the year 2000, contact Central Office.

If you were previously a Full Healer Member and have been out of membership for over 6 years you rejoin as a student and with your application form will need to include proof that you were previously a Full Member. In your first year you will have to attend a Membership Panel again. You will not be required to have a mentor again but are strongly advised to seek advice from someone such as a Regional or Centre Support Officer about updating your knowledge and practice in order to pass the Panel.

Please contact Central Office if you would like to discuss renewing your membership and we will be very happy to advise you further.

Membership Subscription Payments

You can pay either the whole amount (by cheque or card) or use a Direct Debit to pay quarterly. See our membership renewal form or phone us. If you have already set up a regular payment, we would strongly encourage you to check if this is in place or not each time membership renewal is due, and when this payment is due to leave your bank account. We receive a large volume of duplicate payments each year and this causes our accounts department a lot of time to sort out. Also, we cannot issue your certificate and insurance documents until we are in receipt of notification from the bank that this money has been paid so please allow time for this to be processed.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to afford membership or course fees, please call us to discuss possible options.

To request a pack on membership please contact Central Office, on 01604 603247 or email