Channel 4: Enemies of Reason

Enemies of Reason: The Irrational Health Service - Channel 4 programme, Monday 20 August 2007

The Healing Trust Comment

This programme made some interesting observations but chose to ignore one significant factor; that the majority of people in the UK who use so called "alternative" remedies such as Homeopathy and Healing are in reality using them to complement, not as an alternative to, their conventional medicine. These patients make a rational choice to experience the benefits of both conventional and holistic care and many find that this is an excellent combination in improving their overall wellbeing.

The Healing Trust would certainly not advocate any patient abandoning their conventional treatment and always promotes Healing as a complementary approach.

Healing Trust Healers work in many different settings, a growing number working alongside the medical profession in hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries. Only a few of these Healers are paid; many give their time freely and are welcomed by patients and staff alike for the positive contribution they make to the patients" wellbeing.

Contrary to popular belief there is scientific evidence for the benefits of healing. In summarising the various studies that have been undertaken, Dr Daniel Benor (Healing Research Volume I) discovered that out of 191 randomized controlled studies of healing, 124 showed significant effects. Healing has also been shown to have an effect on seedlings, plants and animals where it is impossible to argue in favour of a placebo response. The "Placebo Effect" is a popular argument, one that is often used to explain the strange results that research brings up and it is true that Healing promotes a self-healing response, but how and why it does this, is open to interpretation.

Science may not yet fully understand how Healing or Homeopathy works, but is it really constructive to dismiss something which has a tangible impact, simply because a conventional explanation is not currently available?