Region 9 Autumn 2014 News

Healing Trust Activities in Region 9 - Oct 2014

Healing Trust 60th Anniversary
The Board has decided to individually celebrate our longest serving members by awarding the three in each Region who are the longest serving, with a framed certificate.

We have two long serving members in our Region:-
Barry Taylor of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and Stanley Frith of Wigston, Leicestershire. Congratulations to you both for your thirty seven years of dedication, witnessing and adapting to the many changes taking place. A framed certificate will be presented to you both in due course.

The Student Development Group continues to meet, thanks to the work in facilitating it of Sarah.
Following on from Valerie Chiltonsmith's course 1 and 2 held earlier in Leeds, the group
has grown.
The next course 1&2, runs in Leeds on November 8/9 and 22/23 and her website for enquiries is See the Healing Trust website also. Region 9 Courses

Ian Yearwood's presentation in September of the ajna centre, led to much questioning and a positive experience of using it in one to one healing as part of the group session. We will all remember the suggestion of imagining a two bladed propeller, at the ajna centre .......

The next session is planned for Saturday 29th November and will be a workshop on crystal healing, so if interested do let Sarah know...SJ Virr Venue is the Quaker Meeting House, 136 Street Lane Leeds LS8 2BW.

The North Leeds Natural Healing Centre is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. The current team are deeply indebted to Katrina Slater for being the organisational lynch pin, who has selflessly worked to keep the centre going. The baton was handed to Katrina when Joan Leffler its main founder, had to retire, and who died several years ago. So cheers, Katrina, may there be many more such celebrations to come, your loyal and grateful team, and customers.

The Positive Care Programme, ( for the past few years under the Touchstone banner ), is running again in the Leeds Area. You have to live in Leeds to be able to join the course. Sue Mason was the founding driving force for the idea of PCP in Leeds. If you know anyone who might benefit from the programme, please encourage them to refer themselves, so that they can go on the waiting list for the next course due to start in Feb 2015. Look at the web page,
or phone the Administrator Jane Kennington on 0113 3876473 or 0113 3786474
The courses currently take place at Unit 17 Hillside, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 8ND

By the next issue there will be news of the national AGM being held on Oct 18th 2014 in
Birmingham. Ian will be away on holiday, so we will be grateful for information of the event from any region member attending.

Since the last Spiritus, The Leeds based Regional 9 Healing Panel has met in July and we celebrate the passage of Sophia Flemming to Full Healer Member status. Congratulations Sophia.

Whilst on the topic of Panels – for anyone interested in becoming a Tutor there is a Preliminary panel for new tutor training on Saturday 8th November, application forms needs to be returned to the office by 23rd October. The cost is £50.00 for the preliminary panel, £25.00 for the provisional licence and then £50.00 for the final panel.
There are Guidelines and Application Forms on the website Healing Trust Tutor Training Interviews. If you have any queries, please contact Central Office.
T: 01604 603247 E:

Mansfield and Nottingham
Julie Tasker is the Tutor providing courses for this area. Running Parts 3 and 4 for this year. See the Healing Trust website. Region 9 Courses

Anyone is welcome at the Healing Hands Group meeting, Community Voluntary Services Centre on Wood Street Mansfield, on Tuesday's 2-4pm, &
Healing Pathways Group meeting at the New Friends Meeting House, Rosemary Street Mansfield near the Civic Centre on Wednesdays 10.30am - 1.30pm.

The Healing and Development group, run by Lesley Sumner, has been going for the last 14+ years. It is every third Tuesday from 7.30 - 9.30 p.m. followed by tea and biscuits. It is held at a private house in Ashgate, Chesterfield - contact either myself on 01332 840332 or Paddy and Brian Treece on 01246 276275 prior to attending.

Anne-marie Loades, has been running an informal healing get-together at her home and can be contacted on 01773 743346 (Home) or mobile 07968506431 or by e-mail at for more information.
Hope maybe to see you and some of the others at one of the meetings. They run for two hours in an evening at her house in Ripley Derbyshire........25th November is the next date. Ian attended the last get together on the 16th Sept. and enjoyed a wide ranging discussion on matters Spiritual.

By the time Spiritus is in print, a Healing stand will have graced the Ilkely Healing Festival over the weekend of Oct 25th/26th/ The stand will no longer be on the sloping stage, which will now be used for the fringe festival events. The stand will now be upstairs. This is always such a positive event, providing students with a good experience of offering healing to the public. Information can be found here.

BE A COMMITTEE MEMBER? Do let Ian know if you are willing to join the committee to help
keep the region going. You do not have to take on an official post, just be a member.
A Treasurer is always needed. Ian, is currently doing the job of both Chair and Treasurer. And if anyone knows someone able to act as an auditor for the region, that would
be very useful, and save on region funds. Let us share all the good things that are happening in the Region to help light the way forward.

AGM 2014
As you know, our second attempt of holding the AGM, on the 26th July, with a workshop by Adela Simons, was unable to proceed as there were only seven attending. The workshop went ahead and was fun and informative.

Workshops are a way of increasing one's personal development, Continuous Personal Development (CPD), so if you would like to give a workshop or would like to attend a particular workshop, do let us know.

As we get ready to move into 2015, the Committee thought it would be a good idea to have a focus for the year, one in which we, as a group, can participate in some way. The focus we have chosen is the UN International Year of Light 2015. Although this is mainly focussed on the science and physical aspects of light, we could look at the spiritual/healing aspects. Adela Simon's recent workshop “Working with the language of Light” is an example we have in mind. The committee are open to suggestions as to how we could accomplish – your contribution.

A lot of information is on the Healing Trust website, especially for each Region. So do have a look.

Ann is collecting information for the Newsletter and Spiritus, so if you have any event/happening relating to healing for inclusion in the next Newsletter or Spiritus, do let Ann or Ian know.
Ann Gore Ian Yearwood