Cost of Membership

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March. See the downloadable file for details. All UK membership fees include insurance from Balens Ltd.

New Members

Existing or Lapsed Members

Active members and members who have been lapsed less than six years can simply renew / rejoin by paying the appropriate membership fee. If you have been lapsed for longer than six years you can still rejoin but with certain conditions. See the section "Becoming a Member of The Healing Trust".

Student Members

Student members pay the standard membership fee. Student members who have satisfied us that they are of good character and have reached an acceptable standard as Spiritual Healers have the option of upgrading to full Healer membership for a one-off fee of £40.

Type of Membership Cost
UK Student Membership £25 (First year only)
Non-UK Student Membership £25 (First year only)
Type of Membership Cost
UK Student Membership £50
Non-UK Student Membership £33 Upgrade to Healer Membership £40 (One-Off Payment)

Healer Members

Healer members pay the standard membership fee and also have the option of paying an extra £5 to be added to our referral register, meaning their name and contact details will be given to people looking for Healers in their area.

Type of Membership Cost
UK Healer Membership £50
Non-UK Healer Membership £33
Referral Register (Optional) £5

For Healer members who are over 75 years of age, the membership fee is £11. For full Healers who have been a member for over 30 years, membership is free. The optional fee of £5 for the referral register still applies in both cases.

Type of Membership Cost
UK or Non-UK Healer Membership
(Over 75 Years of Age)
UK or Non-UK Healer Membership
(Over 30 Years' Membership)
Referral Register (Optional) £5

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for health professionals who hold a medical or paramedical qualification and wish to see Spiritual Healing and allopathic medicine working together.

Type of Membership Cost
Associate Membership £31
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