Travel Tips

Do you need to travel to get to your training venue? These tips might help you keep the cost down. Please let us know if you have any tips to add!

Train Travel:

  • Buying a train ticket at the station can be much more expensive than buying on-line as far in advance as possible. For example, Birmingham to Euston may be about £66 bought at the station, whereas the same trip can be as little as £5 - £10 if bought on-line, weeks in advance.
  • When buying on-line, it can sometimes be cheaper to buy 2 one-way tickets than a return. Look at the fare rates carefully.

Useful Websites:

Hotel Accommodation:

  • Last minute deals are often available on-line
  • In the current economic climate there are some very competitive rates available.
  • Premier Inn and Travelodge both offer cheap rates, especially if booked in advance, and are usually good, clean rooms.

Useful Websites: